Esrati declares candidacy for Congress, OH-3

Just to make sure there is no confusion, I videotaped my signing of my petition forms- before I go out to collect my 50 signatures (yep, you only need 50 to run for Congress but 500 to run for Dayton City Commission). I’m videotaping my signers as well- so expect updates daily.

If you want to sign my petition and say why you think it’s good to have choices on the ballot- and are either an independent or registered Democrat- please e-mail me to set a time.

Here is the reading and signing of the petitions:

and if you want to run- I’m attaching the Form 2-E that you need to fill out- it’s a PDF, with form fields to fill in, I didn’t put the tips in- but, I’ll be happy to walk you through it. Remember, this is for Democrats only and the turn in date is probably 15 June and possibly the 8th of June.

Form 2-E for Congress

As long as Dr. Mark MacNealy is going to cost all the taxpayers in OH-3 the expense of a primary election- I’m hoping you get a real choice.

Maybe even Jenifer Brunner will run as a carpet bagger- we know a nice house in Kettering that a certain State Rep might lease her.

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