Now can we kick Adil Baguirov off the School Board?

Adil Baguirov voter registration record 7 November 2017 showing he doesn't live in DPS district

Told you so.

We told you that Dr. Adil Baguirov didn’t live in the Dayton school district.

We told you that he committed voter fraud, claiming to live in a crap house at 630 Maryland Ave

The School Board was notified- they did nothing. He should have been removed when he moved.

The board of elections, the secretary of state, the county prosecutor, the Ohio ethics commission- all sat back and did nothing.

Well, checking his voter registration today- he lives in the Vandalia-Butler School district- right where we told you all along. The real question now is when did he change his address- and fail to notify the School District?

Can we remove the other 6 members now- for failing to do their job and follow up on our information, back in April of 2017?

Can we get an investigation yet into our International Man of Mystery?

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Joe Gill
Joe Gill

What is the governing documents for BoE? Is there are “Code of Regulations”, or charter, etc. ? It should be simple to get a lawyer to nail them!!

Larry Sizer

Stay on their case David, we do so need someone of your character to bring attention to these sap sucks.

Pat Nies
Pat Nies

You’ll be happy to know that Adil has announced his early resignation because he has officially moved, according to a post from DDN. Finally.


[…] is, until election day, 2017, when I checked his voter registration, and showed he didn’t live in the Dayton Public School d… […]