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No qualifications needed to be on Dayton Public School Board

I’m going to post this video of Dayton Public School Board Vice President Will Smith.

I’m not going to comment. I’m not going to transcribe. This was posted to Facebook Aug 7 at 6:21 PM by “Dexter Clay Morris”- “Lmao I’ve always been Will [1]Smith Hype Man  Bruh get me hype tho. Got a very rare freestyle last night from THE NOV

I’m not even uploading it to my Youtube channel- because, well- it’s not ok for children.

I would expect him to resign by the end of Tuesday August 10, 2021. Our district, our children, deserve better.

But, after the last few times I exposed school board members acting badly- nothing happens. Difference here- this is a Black man, not a Turkish PhD [2] or a white Dem Party insider [3].

WIll is in the red jersey sporting number 32- which must stand for his IQ.

Feel free to leave your own transcription in comments.

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Esrati you neex to get a damn life

David Jones

He needs to get laid or something… granted I’m not sure who would, but god love them they’d be doing the community a favor.


Will Smith got elected for his authenticity. Him living his rap dream for a night is not a detriment to the community. It gives him humanness.

Bubba Jones

32 was also OJ Simpson’s jersey number back in the day. I’m not hip enough to know if this jersey number is a political statement or not.


The ignorance shown in this article is beyond ridiculous. The idea that someone would be calling for the resignation of a man who worked in and for his community long before he even took on the position as an “elected official” because he performed a rap verse is absolutely absurd. This speaks to how out of touch some are with the world we live in today, and how some will find a reason to have an issue no matter how well you’re performing in your position. Find something better to do… maybe even in the community this man doesn’t mind volunteering his time in.


The problem here is a combination of him verbally proclaiming the office he holds, then saying the N-word (soft A). He represents the school board, especially when he announces it during a performance. Probably not resignation-worthy, but definitely shows a lack of responsible leadership and immaturity. I’d be embarrassed if I were him.

Any other citizen? Who cares. An elected representative for a *school* board? Hmmm


And regarding “authenticity” for being elected… How about we elect based on competence next time? Plenty of “authentic” people in Dayton who don’t deserve a whiff of public office, including Mr Esrati himself.

Pat F

The cancer is spreading David. Look at the hate you get for this. Wake up before it is to late! This guy in the 1960’s in Dayton would have flunked out of an all black school. It’s called communism and we know how it ends.

Pat F

Who really cares, keeping it real. What complete pile of human garbage would send their child to DPS? Dayton and all of its residents are a net below zero factor. Pure trash. Trump voters are bad compared to the inbred black hillbilly in this video lol lol lol lol.

Angry Parent

David, can you PLEASE look into why DPS is denying elementary students (K-3) the full curriculum? The superintendent has dictated that only READING AND MATH be taught in those grades. In her dire efforts to “raise test scores,” she’s not educating students. How will kids begin developing STEM love and knowledge if they don’t get science? What about social studies? Teachers will give students a P or an F, pass or fail. I wonder what parents will think of that? How can you prove that my children have passed or failed science or social studies if it’s not being taught? Teachers weren’t given any books and have been told to only schedule and teach math and reading. It’s watched and mandated.