DPS Board candidates? And other hopefuls…

Well, it’s official, 1 and done for both Dion Sampson and Dr. Gabriella Pickett, leaving 2 open seats. Rapping Will Smith has turned in petitions to run again. We have 7 people who’ve turned in petitions, but that’s no guarantee the Board of (S)Elections will approve them all.

At a time when this board needs some cool heads and brighter people, I don’t see a lot of of hope in this list except Ken Hayes:

  • William Bailey 4241 Cape Cod Ct. Dayton 45406
  • Rennes Bowers 1404 Hillpoint Ln. Dayton
  • Ken Hayes 728 Wellmeier Ave. Dayton 45410
  • Erika D. Respress 624 Circle Rd. Dayton 45417
  • Will Smith 802 Anderson Goodrich Dayton 45402
  • Ronnee’ Tingle 2080 Ravenwood Ave. Dayton
  • Eric Walker 22 Wroe Ave Dayton 45406

Once they’ve made it through the gauntlet, we’ll start filling you in on who these people are, either via this site- or ReconstructingDayton.org

Some semi-good news, there are 3 new candidates for the Montgomery County Educational Service Center (ie slush fund for retired superintendents) and the bad news- they are all unopposed.

More lame news- Judge Jim Long, the one who totally blew it on Aaron Hartley is running unopposed.

There are still some races that the turn-in isn’t until the 24th- Kettering, Moraine and Riverside Council. Everything else is set.

Some people who are definitely on the Friends and Family plan running-

Former Montgomery County Dem Party Chair Dennis Lieberman running for Clayton Council ward 1- where 1 is to be elected and both candidates are incumbents?

Dayton Municipal Court Judge term begins 1/1/24 is going to yet another Gehres- this one is Frank Gehres, son of Judge Gehres and brother of Dayton Clerk of Courts Marty Gehres.

Tom McMasters is trying a comeback in Huber Heights District 6 against Brian Looney for an open seat.

Alyse Rettich in Miamisburg Municipal Court isn’t being opposed after her inheritance, I mean appointment to her fathers seat on the bench.

The quitter, Greg Brush, who was County Clerk of Courts and quit, is running for Butler Township Fiscal Officer unopposed.

Here is the complete list from the Montgomery County Board of Elections. Until the petitions have a check mark on the *November Ballot column, nothing is finalized (except for the friends and family plan- guaranteed their petitions pass muster).

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