New Dayton portal site:

This just popped on the scene last week- and looks promising. I took a quick look to try to determine who is running it- and nada.

The geo-mapping functions of venues, neighborhoods, and places to do stuff looks well done.

Here is how the mystery people introduce the site:

Dayton Blogs & News

Dayton MostMetro, Dayton’s newest city portal where you can see up-to-date news about urban development in Dayton, Ohio.  Check out our Districts and Neighborhoods section where you can use our custom interactive maps to explore Downtown Dayton and many of our historic neighborhoods.  We are working to bring you even more features, including Event Calendars, Home Search, Neighborhood Photo Tours and more. is designed and developed by ResConnex, Inc. – a technology consulting company based in Dayton, OH.  The concept was born as a realization that Dayton’s citizens need to be pro-active to solve the problem of a negative city image; it is our responsibility to replace apathy and disenchantment with hope and aspiration.  As a company, we are utilizing our creativity and talents as technologists to advocate for Dayton by educating our community about the under-current of energy that defines Dayton’s urban movement. Mission Statement:
  • To create a community portal that will Educate future Dayton metropolitan residents about events and initiatives in Dayton’s urban neighborhoods – including Downtown
  • Promote a positive self-image for citizens throughout Greater Dayton
  • Generate enthusiasm and energy with others that are working to make a positive contribution to our community
We welcome your comments and feedback – let us know your ideas. And keep checking back – we hope to have something new every day!
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