Example of the wrong attitude

On our way to protest, we saw yet another accident at the corner of Jefferson and Patterson. It seems every time I’ve gone through that intersection with Pam driving- we’ve seen a near miss or an actual accident.

That was at 1:15.

At 6:15 there were two lanes of broken glass in the street right in front of S&V Office Supply. I told the off-duty cop in front of the Loft about it- and asked him to call it in to dispatch for a clean up. He said the tow company was supposed to clean it up- and that he’d do something tomorrow (Monday) when the City has someone to do it.

Wrong answer.

In Kettering, Oakwood or Centerville, dispatch would call the tow company, and suggest that if it wasn’t cleaned up in half an hour, they would be losing their towing contract. This is the way it’s supposed to work. When I was in High School, my best friend drove a tow truck under a City of Cleveland Heights contract- and believe me, I remember the cops telling us where to sweep.

Glass in the street is the ultimate “broken window” example that gives people a bad impression. If we had real leadership, this wouldn’t happen.

A long time ago, a Mayor of Baltimore asked for residents to tell him where the pot holes were. It was the right kind of start. Take care of the small things, and the big things don’t seem so insurmountable.

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