New board folds, buys out Corr. Superintendent search may be on.

In less than 15 minutes, the DPS board went into executive session- came out, and parted ways “by mutual agreement” with former Superintendent Rhonda Corr.

The payoff is the remainder of a years pay and bennys- around $200K $115K. Not a good way for this board to start out- less than 30 days into their tenure, but, probably a lot cheaper than the legal bills a court case would run up. The lawyer who dug up all the dirt when investigating the Dr. Markay Winston EEOC complaint, Beverly A. Meyer, probably has made a small fortune already in legal fees in this long drawn out process. She was there tonight as the board announced their decision.

I’ll have a public records request in for the money spent on legal fees thanks to all this.

Board members John McManus, Sheila Taylor, and Robert Walker are all breathing easier. No lawsuit means no depositions. We may never know what happened in the all too frequent executive sessions that allowed this mad woman to run the district- excuse me, ruin the district, and still get a glowing review.

Corr is crazy enough to believe she’s still employable in education. We’ll see how much of her settlement is left after the insurance company is done collecting the money they paid her when her 2nd wife died- before she’d been divorced from the first one.

After the board adjourned, Board President William Harris spoke to the media, with tender Marsha Bonhart at his side. He handled the questions well, but did slip that the board will see what kind of applicants they get for the next Superintendent- meaning Dr. Lolli is still interim, and the board is thinking of seeing what they can get.

Here is the text of the official release:

The Dayton Board of Education and Rhonda Corr have mutually decided to part ways. Corr has resigned her position as Superintendent of Dayton Public Schools to pursue other opportunities in the field of education. The Board accepted Corr’s resignation at its special meeting held on January 30, 2018.

The Board and Ms. Corr have executed a separation agreement that provides for the continuation of Corr’s base salary, insurance benefits, and State Teacher Retirement System contributions through the end of her current contract year. The parties decided to forego the final two years on Corr’ s contract as both she and the Board felt it was in the best interests of the District.

Ms. Corr successfully tackled numerous issues confronting the District and continued academic gains during her time as Superintendent. Dayton Public Schools’ students and families are of the utmost Importance to both Corr and the Board, and both parties believe that moving forward is in the best Interest of all involved. The Board looks forward to capitalizing on the improvements it has realized in recent years and ensuring that the students of Dayton Public Schools continue to receive quality educational opportunities.

Unlike the last buyout of a high level employee, this time the board didn’t violate the agreement in the process- at least, in appearance, since I don’t have the actual agreement. will be requesting it as well.

The next question is when will strong leadership show up in this district to set a course and deliver results?

So far, we’ve not seen it.

thumbnail of Separation Agreement – R. Corr – Partial Exec – 1.26.18

The separation agreement from the District- Harris hadn’t signed it yet.


31 Jan, 2018- I got the separation agreement. It is through the end of the school year- not the calendar year.

The board gave Corr a get out of jail free card, which may or may not stand up in criminal court, with clause 6B:

For valuable consideration received, the sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, Dayton forever releases and discharges Corr from any and all claims and/or causes of action, known or unknown, which Dayton may have or could claim to have against Corr up to and including the effective date of this Agreement.

The agreement was signed on the 19th of January, and Corr’s right to revoke it is over.


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