Nan Whaley warrants and what they may mean

We know Nan Whaley has no problem running for Governor right after being elected Mayor. She did it 4 years ago.

This time, she’d taken out petitions- and planned to run again. Considering her fat campaign fund, most people were scared to challenge her. It’s why she ran un-opposed last time.

So when she pulled out at the 11th hour, and Jeff Mims had to hurry up and re-file to run for Mayor- something didn’t pass the smell test.

Was it because the FBI told her she couldn’t, under the deal she cut to avoid prosecution for pay to play? The Feds have a strange way of talking obtusely:

Asked about the status of the investigation, U.S. Department of Justice spokeswoman Jennifer Thornton responded: “The investigation is not ongoing.”

Thornton would not comment on the DOJ’s decision to not prosecute. “DOJ policy prohibits me from commenting outside of what’s detailed in public court documents,” she said.

Source: Search warrant: FBI investigated if contractor bribed Dayton mayors

Which investigation? Let’s be specific. Because, if Commissioner Williams did wear a wire to get his sweetheart deal and let the clock wind down on statutes of limitations, they sure didn’t get anything for his cooperation.

There are lots of ways to look at the Whaley money machine. First place to look is at the donors to Issue 9– where everyone who gave, had ties to the city. And the total failure of the Student Suites/Dayton Daily News/Schwind building demolition- which was probably the main impetus for the whole investigation- still has no answers. Steve Rauch got paid to make a hole- and leave it there- while “winning” one of the historic treasures downtown- the old Cox HQ. See: The hole on Ludlow Street

Some of you like to read, some of you like to watch TV- so I made a video going over the whole big question which needs to be answered: Are the DOJ and the FBI letting Confidential Informants and indicted criminals on a plea deal stand for office- and should the feds be charged with misprison of a felony?

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