And the missing white people from the indictments for the Culture of Corruption

Here are the unsealed warrants in the case against Nan Whaley- the FBI GPS tracking and the phone tracking.

It’s pretty clear that David Cleavenger, (with apparent “white guy immunity”) a former City of Dayton aide was Rhine McLin’s bagman, and WIllis Blackshear Sr. was Nan’s.

My earlier references to Marlon C. Shackelford as a person of interest in the investigation are further flushed out by these warrants.

It’s obvious, the FBI and the DOJ expended considerable resources in this operation, just by these two warrants. Taxpayers have a right to be pissed about how they failed to get a serious conviction against Steve Rauch, and that McLin and Whaley seem to have a hall pass. Remember, in our city hall, it takes 3 votes to award any contract.

You’ll also see mention of CHS-2, which is probably the infamous Mike Marshall- the FBI CI that helped bust Winburn and Williams, who ran United Demolition:

6. In July 2013, a former project estimator and manager (hereinafter referred to a Confidential Human Source Two “CHS-2”) of a now defunct demolition company that directly competed with SRI was interviewed. CHS-2 stated that he began bidding on federally funded demolition projects from the City of Dayton in approximately 2009. At the time, SRI did the majority of demolition work for Dayton and it was “very hard to compete” with them in the bidding process. CHS-2 heard then Dayton Mayor RHINE MCCLIN was RAUCH’S girlfriend at the time. CHS-2 suspected MCCLIN used her influence to ensure RAUCH obtained federally funded demolition contracts because SRI won virtually all bids. identified Marshall as the CI right after the April 30, 2019 indictments- see May 6 post: The Wire: Dayton Edition

For now- read about Whaley’s involvement in my previous post today: Whaley was suspected of bribery by the Feds. told you first

And read the unsealed warrants:

  unsealed Sept. 1, 2021, when it was first noticed by Seamus Hughes, an author, researcher, and Deputy Director of the George Washington University Program on Extremism

warrant was unsealed in August 2017

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