My opposition must think voters are idiots.

When I ran for Mayor and City Commission long ago, I printed tabloid sized (11″x17″) literature with positions on a whole slew of issues. I was told that no one would read it.

People even tell me my 4×6 postcard says too much.

So, I thought it was bad when Jane Mitakides was handing out her literature from 2004 with things crossed out, and then last night, I finally saw what Charles W. Sanders has, and, frankly, they must think you, the voter, are idiots.

Judge for yourself: Charles Sanders- one side, black and white:

Scan of Charles W. Sanders campaign handout.

And then there is Jane’s, with John Edwards and General Wesley Clark endorsing her:

Jane Mitakides mailer front

And the back:

Back of Jane Mitakides flyer

Compare literature, compare websites, then vote.

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