My opposition must think voters are idiots.

When I ran for Mayor and City Commission long ago, I printed tabloid sized (11″x17″) literature with positions on a whole slew of issues. I was told that no one would read it.

People even tell me my 4×6 postcard says too much.

So, I thought it was bad when Jane Mitakides was handing out her literature from 2004 with things crossed out, and then last night, I finally saw what Charles W. Sanders has, and, frankly, they must think you, the voter, are idiots.

Judge for yourself: Charles Sanders- one side, black and white:

Scan of Charles W. Sanders campaign handout.

And then there is Jane’s, with John Edwards and General Wesley Clark endorsing her:

Jane Mitakides mailer front

And the back:

Back of Jane Mitakides flyer

Compare literature, compare websites, then vote.

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Just sent my absentee ballot off today with the bubble next to your name filled in. Your quick response to my email questions earlier this week (a few hours vs. your competitor’s non-responses as of yet), your extensive description of your policy positions, and posts like these (let alone the fact that I just plain agree with you on most things) have secured my vote for you! I’ve also pointed my friends and family in the Dayton area toward your blog and spoke with most on the phone about why I’m voting for you and why they should too.

David Esrati
David Esrati

Thanks for the comment. I plan to answer your questions about Federal Science programs. My main problem is when the science is carried out by private organizations- and we make the playing field uneven. Nasa is competing now with independent space programs- how is that fair? I believe we should be spending much more on AIDs research and treatment- especially overseas as a form of diplomacy. I believe people are more likely to love us when we cure them than bomb them.
I’m also worried that much of the government money for clean energy has been directed to private corporations.
I’m still mulling this over- and hope to have a better stance.
Thank you for your support. I believe this kind of response is what people should expect as ordinary- not the extraordinary.
I hope I don’t disappoint you with my final answer on funding of science.


Esrati – 1
Mitakadinisers – 0
Sanders – 0

End this election right now!

The Dame

Was the whole “1984” effect on Saunders’s photo intentional? Or just a bad copy? =)

Robby Degenhart

Dude…Check out my photo next to my ballot I cast on Wednesday.

I’ll stop by Tuesday Night!

David Esrati
David Esrati

Melissa- it’s a bad photoshop job, with a loose screen- scanned- which makes for bad all the way around.


Hola David – you know my penchant for proofreading :) so something small jumped up at me on Jane’s card. In the very small type at the bottom of side 2 – it shows Jim Staton as her campaign treasurer. He was her treasurer in ’04 but not in ’08. Is this quite legal?

Legal or not, it’s tacky as hell. This just shows Jane’s disdain (yeah, I’m rhymin’!) for the average voter and her opponents in this race. She apparenty thinks that this primary is just going to be handed to her so she doesn’t really need to do anything right now. hmmm, she’d better take a look at the HRC campaign right now. That woman THOUGHT she was a shoo-in for the nomination and some dude named Barry O’bama is showing her otherwise.

And that piece of crap from Sanders! ugh! I’d be embarrassed to have my kid pass something like that out for student council! Well, at least he didn’t pull a Jane and get out the magic markers to put a little color on the card.

Hey Gene – Are you going to vote for David next Tuesday? I know that you would normally, like me, not pick up a “D” ballot but… After all the crap you’ve blown at DE, the least you could do is cast a vote for him in the primary. Just think of all the continued fun you’ll have continuing to give him crap when he’s in the general against MT! :)