Mother Jones takes Mike and Lori Turner out to the woodshed

I wish I could find the full story online- but Mike Bock over at DaytonOS has a summary posted of some of the findings about Mike “I’m entitled” Turner and his wife Lori “I’m a great businesswoman” Turner and their pattern of abuse of his office and end-runs around campaign finance law.

For Congressman Mike Turner, “Pork Has Been a Family Affair” — Mother Jones

August 15, 2008

The latest issue of Mother Jones tells that Congressman Mike Turner “has declared himself to be a pork buster” and that he is sponsoring legislation to prohibit House and Senate members from using earmarks as a “backdoor” means to get funding for local projects. But, the magazine reports, “For Turner, pork has been a family affair. Since 2004, Turner has requested millions in earmarks for a local organization that later hired his wife, and a highway project that would benefit one of her business partners.” Excerpts from the article:

For Congressman Mike Turner, “Pork Has Been a Family Affair” — Mother Jones : DaytonOS.

Mother Jones called me to ask about the Austin Road interchange debacle- I steered them to people who had done much more digging. Unfortunately- you won’t be seeing this reported in the Dayton Daily Newsless.

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