More mudslinging from the State Democratic Party for McLin

The Dayton Daily News was letting people comment on this article, then shut comments off.

Why is the Ohio Democratic Party is putting so much money out to send smear mailings attacking Gary Leitzell? Is it because their polling keeps telling them that Rhine McLin isn’t faring so well- even on the West Side?

If each of these smear mailings costs $10K with just two, they’ve outspent all of what Gary has raised so far:

Candidate for Dayton Mayor Gary Leitzell is calling campaign literature mailed to households citywide by the Ohio Democratic Party part of an ongoing smear campaign.

One slick ad sent to 30,000 Dayton homes this week features a Leitzell-look alike, asleep, with his head resting on a laptop. It does not mention his opponent, Democratic Mayor Rhine McLin. The ad claims Leitzell has “No experience. Bad judgment” and that he is “All wrong for Dayton.”…
Montgomery County Democratic Party Chairman Mark Owens, who approved the ads, said the ads cost about $10,000 per mailing.

He doesn’t consider them negative.

“A negative ad is when you get personal. All we did was quote from local newspapers or his own blog,” Owens said.

via Leitzell slams campaign literature from Ohio Democratic Party.

Of course, at least Leitzell has a blog- and contributes to Dayton Most Metro forums on occasion. That’s more than can be said of any of the incumbents.

With eight years to prove herself, it’s sad that Rhine McLin can’t tell us of any glowing success stories- or a clear vision of where she wants to take us. Instead, she uses the excuse of the bad economy, which only would excuse her for the last two-years at best.

Is the reason the Dayton Daily News is not accepting comments on this article because they are featured so prominently in the smear quotes? Or, that after the negative hammering the post about the “step increases” generated- almost universally saying that McLin has to go- the paper decided not to give the anti-McLin side any more room to comment?

The reality is- the Dayton Daily News is as out of touch with the citizens as the incumbent “Team” and no amount of mud is going to obscure the failures of McLin and company come election day.

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