More charter changes should make you wonder

The City of Dayton is having serious problems- yet instead of doing something that would really make a difference- like moving to a strong Mayor form of government (which I don’t agree with) or changing the system of voting to be a run-off system (which I do), or passing laws to stop foreclosures or selling off of loans- we instead are voting on ways to excuse commissioners from meetings and still playing with the residency rules.

• Issue 15 would insert a provision into the city charter clarifying that when commissioners miss a cancelled meeting, they are not considered absent.

If approved by voters, when a meeting is cancelled because there would not be a quorum, individual votes to excuse each member of the City Commission would not be required.

• Issue 16 would clarify which city employees are covered by civil service regulations and which are considered “at will,” who may be fired by the authority that appointed them, generally the city manager or the city commission.

Less than 100 top administrators are considered “at will” employees including city managers, department directors and division managers.

• Issue 17 would clarify language in the City Charter that “mills” strictly refers to property taxes.

“This will not raise taxes. It will not impose authority on the City Commission to raise property or income taxes without a vote of the people,” said Kary Gray, executive assistant to the City Commission.

• Issue 18 would align the city’s residency requirement for part-time city employees to mirror that of full-time employees.

via Dayton voters to decide city charter changes on May 4.

At first glance- I’d vote no on 15 – because as it is- no one gets in trouble for missing meetings (Dean Lovelace missed at least 3-4 months worth due to his stroke- but was excused- even though he wasn’t fulfilling his duties).

I’d vote yes on 18- because the residency requirements are illegal- and they should have been out of the charter when the Supreme Court ruled.

I still need time to research 16 and 17- both seem like there might be more to them.

The thing that bothers me the most is that I don’t remember anyone from City Hall coming to neighborhood groups to fill us in on these changes. I’m aware the DDN can’t be trusted to give us the info in a timely manner- but City Hall needs to learn how to present these better if they want the trust of the people.

We welcome any insight these charter changes- if you know something one way or another- please share it here.

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