Chief Biehl in the ‘hood

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a bit: The Chief of Police seems to understand what is happening better than the people in planning or in “economic development”- he’s redistricted South Park, the Oregon District and the Fairgrounds neighborhood into the Central Business District.

‘Bout time. Downtown just started being bigger than a thimble.

He’s coming to the Historic South Park, Inc meeting tomorrow night to fill us in.

The HSPI General Meeting is scheduled for this Tuesday, April 27th at 7:00 pm at Hope Lutheran Church (500 Hickory Street). This month’s guest speaker will be Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl, who will speak about the redistricting of the Dayton Police Department and its impact on South Park.
Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl today outlined plans to expand the boundaries of the Central Business District (CBD) to better align downtown policing services with the broader community and economic development strategies occurring in the area.
Currently the CBD is generally bounded by Washington Street to the south, Wayne Avenue and U.S. 35 to the east, and the Great Miami River to the north and west. The expanded CBD boundaries will extend eastward to include Wayne Avenue to Wilmington Avenue and further southward to encompass Irving Avenue and Stewart Street to the river, areas formerly included in the Second Police District. The change is expected to take effect mid-May.
“It makes more sense to broaden the CBD boundaries slightly to better connect police services with the various economic and community development projects occurring in the area,” Chief Biehl said. “As the greater downtown area grows and changes, we want our police services to grow and change with it.”
Now if we could only get planning on board.
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Jim L
Jim L

Wish they would add St.Anne’s – we are currently split right down Fifth St. between 2 & 3 Districts.

Civil Servants are People, Too
Civil Servants are People, Too

@ Now if we could only get planning on board.

The Chief is actually following the  crowd on this one.    The idea of changing the definition of downtown is not news.    Planners have been talking about it around the region for years.   People outside Dayton don’t make the distinction between neighborhoods, so it makes perfect sense.
It’s also part of the new “Greater Downtown” Plan that comes out next month.
Budget cuts aside, what does re-drawing police precincts have to do with economic development?   Zoning is the only boundary that matters to them.

john b
john b

i came here to post what the guy above me posted.
come on david. you are far too quick to criticize the city. perhaps you should do your homework before making a post (especially an incendiary one).

john b
john b

sorry esrati, but i rarely read you because you just sound bitter all the time. this post is no different.


I have been told, from someone who works downtown so this is second hand, but I’ve been told…
This really is nothing more than the City’s attempt to collect more income from the special tax levied on Downtown businesses. I believe that if you are a business located with in, the Central Business District, you have to pay an extra tax to cover Police and Fire services.
By expanding the Business District to include MVH, UD, and the tons of other small businesses located on Brown St, Wyoming St, Main St, etc…the City will be able to increase revenue.

Civil Servants are People, Too
Civil Servants are People, Too

Rob, I can tell you that is absolutely false.    The special levy funds the Downtown Dayton Partnership.  It is a voluntary levy requiring some X percent support of the property owners.   Sorry, I don’t know the exact number, but the City does not receive a dime of this funding.    The new plan has nothing to do with increasing  taxes for the city.   Please pass that information on to your (unreliable) source!


Civil Servant,
Thanks for the info. I guess the cynical side of me wanted to believe it was income driven.