Mike Turner’s automatic pay increase

 When Mike Turner was mayor of Dayton he didn’t take a city car. I’m not sure if he took the pay raises that were granted by the compensation committee either. Of course he didn’t need the money from the city, since he was doing quite well working for MTC Technologies and his benefactor, CEO Raj Soin (who doesn’t like to pay his real estate taxes in Beavercreek, but that’s another story).

A great editorial talks about how Congress has been taking automatic pay raises, which are specifically unconstitutional, I highly recommend you follow the link and read the whole thing:

When the 110th Congress returned from its holiday recess two weeks ago, the mountain of unfinished business it had left behind in 2007 was still waiting – everything from judicial nominations to bilateral trade agreements to the terrorist surveillance program to the farm bill. But the gentlemen and gentlewomen of the House and Senate made sure that nothing would impede what has become almost an annual tradition: the hike in their own salaries. When the sun rose on Jan. 1, so did congressional pay, from $165,200 to $169,300 – a tidy little jump of $4,100.This marks the ninth raise Congress has given itself over the past decade. With the exception of 1999 and 2007, every New Year’s Day since 1998 has triggered a boost in congressional salaries of between $3,100 and $4,900. While the median income of US families has increased by around $11,000 since 1998, the income of their representatives in Washington has increased by more than $30,000. Considering that the latter work for the former, the imbalance between them is striking.

It is also unconstitutional….

Read the whole editorial to find out:Congress helps itself, again – The Boston Globe

If elected, I promise to vote against any automatic pay raises, and any pay raises at all, until Sheriff Vore is no longer the number 1 home seller in Montgomery County, and credit card interest rates are capped at 15% over prime.

If you’ve been a regular reader on this site- you know how I feel about our crazy approach to executive compensation in this country. While I feel that the members of Congress should be compensated for their service, I also don’t think they should be privy to better health insurance than their constituents can get.

A vote for David Esrati instead of Jane Mitakides in the primary on March 4th 2008 is a vote in the right direction on stopping congress from getting automatic pay raises. There is no other person you can send to Congress who would be willing to stand up and ask for the arrest of the members of congress for violating the law.

It’s time we sent someone to Washington who believes in fighting for what’s right. And when it came to fighting Mike Turner on the legality of public protest over illegal secret meetings- the masked man won 5x.

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