Got a couple of hours to help change the world?

Need volunteers to walk neighborhoods from 4:30-7pm tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb 5th

It should be warm. We’ll have walking lists of registered voters. You’ll be dropping off postcards and possibly telling people about the different kind of campaign we’re running.

Please either post a comment, or e-mail me at [email protected] to let me know you are coming. We will meet at 100 Bonner Street to get started.

Possible meet after for pizza and soda for all walkers… if everyone is up for it!

Thank you!

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Andi E

The best way to elect a candidate, even the underdog is by going door-to-door, asking neighbors and friends for their vote for your candidate. Even if you are unable to walk tomorrow, pick a day this week to walk for two hours, go door-to-door and ask for votes. I’m sure David will be more than willing to provide you with a walk sheet for your neighborhood.

Please do this for your community and your country.

J.R. Locke

Mr. Esrati I will try to make it there but I have some things at Wright State that may run into the evening.


Earlier I said that if you can’t make it to this walking event to let Mr. Esrati know and he’ll provide you with walking sheets and other things you can use. But, as long as I’m not previous commitment, I will walk with you. So let David know when you can help.


I meant to say that as long as I don’t have a previous engagement, I will wak with you. Please do this! It’s so important for the country.

Rob Degenhart


I am going to Las Vegas today. I will be attending the largest self storage expo and conference. While I’m there I will be given the opportunity to address several hundred of my fellow self storage owners, and like I did last year, I will share, inform, boast and brag about how well my website, helps my business stay competitive and profitable, and buy the way, I owe it all to The Next Wave, Websiteology and David Esrati, who just happens to be running for Congress in my district.

I will be glad to walk my Oakwood ‘hood with cards when I return!


David Esrati
David Esrati

Thanks Rob- Have a safe trip.


I’ll cover a different area every day between now and the primary, as will my
red-headed kid and our nameless dog. :-)

I’m also issuing a DONATION CHALLENGE: I’ll match every contribution that David receives in the next 24 hours, dollar for dollar, up to a total of $2000.

I won’t match pledges, but if you actually contribute by Pay Pal or check before 9 am tomorrow, I’ll double your money.

If you’ve been thinking about giving but haven’t yet, there will never be a better time. Your money will go twice as far.

So get out your wallets (and your umbrellas) and help David win.



I’ve invited my complete address book of friends to join Barbara and I.

See you this evening.