Breakfast club closes.

At least the Dayton Daily News didn’t put it on the front page, screaming “another downtown restaurant closes”- well, of course- thanks to our “small view” of Downtown, the Breakfast Club isn’t “downtown.”

The story has the owner blaming staffing problems. Who am I to argue? I was always amazed they could be profitable with such a small number of seats. The food was great, but the place was micro-sized.

Restaurant owner closes, blames worker troubles
The owner of the Breakfast Club Café — a breakfast-and-lunch mainstay at South Main Street and South Patterson Boulevard for decades — has closed the restaurant because, he said, he has been unable to attract and keep quality employees.

“The biggest factor, by far, has been the difficulty in obtaining reliable employees. Nothing else comes close,” said Bryan Whipp, the Breakfast Club’s owner.

This leaves another opportunity for a “business breakfast” restaurant to open downtown. There is Denny’s on Main, Tank’s on Wayne, the hotels, and for members, the Dayton Raquet Club. Or is the business breakfast dying off like the martini lunch?

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