Mead moves out of Downtown- so what.

Just because a reporter asks a question, doesn’t mean you have to give them an answer.

The news that Mead is moving from Downtown to Kettering is like saying I walked across the street- from a big picture standpoint.

The jobs, the economic impact- will all be minimal to “Greater Dayton” as everyone must call the place we live (because just “Dayton” doesn’t give nods to all the provincial  people in the ‘burbs).

We caused this problem by having a “Port Authority” building new buildings for private companies- we caused it by allowing development beyond our needs- we caused this by not having a uni-gov, and most of all, by whining about the demise of downtown on a daily basis.

The “demise of Downtown” isn’t news- except to our dumbed down media that doesn’t believe people really want to read about major issues like war, stem cell research, the rich getting fat while the rest of us get screwed.

The job loss at Reynolds isn’t cataclysmic either. NCR shut down huge plants in Dayton in the 1970’s and the world didn’t end.

Life is defined by change- if it wasn’t, it would be deadly boring.

Mead made a business decision. The building formerly known as the Mead tower may have to adjust their rents to attract someone else, or wonder why we overbuilt office space with the Arcade tower (another example of government doing something it shouldn’t have any business doing)- but, when you get down to it- it’s not government’s responsibility to create jobs- it is responsible for providing an infrastructure and environment conducive to doing business- and that’s where we’ve failed.

So- when a reporter asks a question about a business moving- stick to talking about government issues- like simplifying the paperwork and filing dates for businesses or income tax collection. That’s what we really want to pay you for.

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