McLin goes negative with smear mail

You didn’t think that war chest would stay closed did you? Wait for the TV spots to start. The Dems have been quietly video taping candidates nights- to build a smear library.

Rhine McLin sends out a “Compare: your choice is important and it’s clear” email- saying Gary is a “The Republicans’ candidate” and that “Having to do the job is the  “Worse Thing””

McLin smear mailing PDF

The polling must have come back pretty bad for Rhine that she’s attacking Gary Leitzell as a Republican.

So much for playing nice. As to Rhine’s claim at “working hard”- that she “balanced 8 city budgets with no tax increase” is semantics- since she increased fees on everything else. That we also have one of the highest income taxes in the State is also overlooked.

If our “great people and inventive attitude will build the Dayton of the future”- how come we don’t have more people running? Is it that your political machine makes people feel intimidated from the ballot?

It’s sad that this is the best she can do with her “experience.”

She’s also endorsed by “Senator Brown, Governor Strickland, the AFL-CIO and the Democratic Party.” I bet she can’t wait for the Dayton Daily News endorsement to add them to the list.

This is the third jumbo postcard I’ve gotten so far. How many more will come?

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