McCain the knee-jerk jerk

Read this, and realized, we’ve got another finger-pointer running for President. No, Christopher Cox hasn’t done a good job, but he wasn’t the one who voted to allow the deregulation of the banking industry many moons ago… no, that would be John McCain.

Republican presidential candidate John McCain told a crowd of Iowa supporters Thursday he would fire U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Christopher Cox.

“The chairman of the SEC serves at the appointment of the president and in my view has betrayed the public’s trust,” McCain said at a rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. “If I were president today, I would fire him.”

Dana Perino, President Bush’s spokeswoman, issued a statement saying Cox has the president’s confidence.

McCain said the SEC has “kept in place trading rules that let speculators and hedge funds turn our markets into a casino.”

John McCain would fire chairman of SEC – Dayton Business Journal:.

While firing Chris Cox may sound great, what policies are you going to change John? How about going back and starting to recover some of shareholders millions that have been sucked out by our greedy hedge fund managers, bank CEO’s and the rest of the greedy bastards who have been living high off the hog on STOLEN money?

No, you don’t hear that from John McCain- since we can’t bomb them, let’s blame them- since we can’t fire missles at them, let’s just fire them.

I’ve hesitated to put this video up for a few days- but, with this joke of a course of action, I thought I’d showcase John at his best:

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but it was better than the Obama’s “i don’t know” response to the bail out of AIG. If you are trying to be a reporter, which you are not, you need to tell it BOFF ways. But then again you are just a homer.

You can’t make chicken salad out of chicken shit. Oh, yes you can, it just tastes like crap.


And what about ol’ Obama being the number 2 recipient of funds from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac while also wanting former Fannie Mae CEO Jim Johnson to act on his VP search team? I wonder if Obama refused to put increased regulations on those companies because of the cash he was receiving.

Barack Obama: New Washington Face, Same Washington Politics


Thanks David for pointing out that Mr. McCain isn’t flip flopping, he’s just senile and doesn’t remember yesterday. On that note I’ll share an interview I heard today that went something like this:

Interviewer: “How do you feel about Sarah Palin”

Respondant (white female): “I like her, infact I’m going to vote for her. I like the fact she is an unpolished politian, she’s down to earth, she knows whats going on with American people”

Interviewer: “Do you feel Ms. Palin is Presidential material?”

Respondant: “She’s not running for President, you’re confused, when did running for Vice President become running for President?”

Interviewer: “Until she gets that call?”

Respondant: “What call? She’s NOT running for President, she’s running for Vice President!”

David Esrati
David Esrati

@rick- maybe we should have to pass a civics test before being allowed to vote?


Have you heard of black people voting for Oboma bc he is black. Stupid reasons are just that.

Billy Jackson
Billy Jackson

I think the candidates should pass a civics test before being allowed to run. With all the attacks Obama has been throwing at Palin, it’s hard to tell it he’s running for Prez. or VP. He was nominated by the party. He’s running for the top office. Let’s just hope he doesn’t have to make a tough decision should he get elected. No voting “present” on those decisions anymore. And probably no more claiming that those decisions are above his pay grade. Barack Obama: Empty Suit Redefined.

J.R. Locke

I am voting for Obama because he is black. What is wrong with that?

I think one problem in America is we expect people to vote with their interests. But people have and always will vote against their own interest. Poor white workers in the south (and North) from post civil war through the 1960’s and onward have displayed this lack of economic understanding.

I don’t think civic tests would work. The great Americans were just the ones that committed genocide the best. We don’t want everybody learning that now do we?

To Billy Jackson: Have you seen our current presidents ability to make tough decisions? (and preceding one for that matter) 9-11, Katrina, Iraq….etc

I mean at least we can change the color of the white house right? Oh sorry not to the black house I just meant go with the donkey and color blue.

Bruce Kettelle

There’s a brilliant idea. Fire the head of the SEC at the height of the crisis and start looking for a replacement and train him while the whole financial system gets sucked into the abyss. What a confidence builder. What would McCain do if Venezuela suddenly started performing ‘war games’ with Russia? or Alaskans threaten to secede?