MacNealy drops out- campaign manager to run

Dr. Mark MacNeal, who never had a chance to inflict as much as a gnat bite decided to drop out of the race for congress in OH-3 according to the Dayton Daily News:

Democrats will have a second chance to field a candidate against U.S. Rep. Mike Turner, R-Centerville, after the party’s candidate dropped out of the race today, May 19.

A special election will be held in mid-July, according to Steve Harsman, director of the Montgomery County Board of Elections.

Dr. Mark A. MacNealy of Vandalia said in a letter to the Montgomery County Board of Elections that he was no longer seeking the Third Congressional District seat now held by Turner, Harsman said.

He said MacNealy cited “a change in circumstances” for his decision to withdraw. MacNealy was unopposed in the Democratic primary earlier this month…

Harsman said a special Democratic primary election is required by law and the Ohio Secretary of State is assisting in determining when that election will be held and when candidate petitions are due.

Harsman anticipates that the filing deadline will be in mid-June. The race is only open to Democrats, who must have 50 valid signatures to be on the ballot.

via Democrats seek new candidate to run against Turner.

The local democratic party has once again failed voters by not having viable candidates run in a primary. Now, the voters in Montgomery County are going to pay for a primary- costing over $150K to run a candidate who won’t stand a chance of beating Turner- or even inflicting any damage.

Sources tell me that MacNealy’s campaign manager Joe Roberts, is going to run even though his only bonus is the “Roberts” name- which may cause confusion with former State Rep Tom Roberts.

There undoubtedly will be an additional carpet bagger or surrogate throwing their name into the ring- just because they can get their name out- and lose gracefully- blaming the short cycle. Of course, all bets are off for 2 years from now which will have the new voting maps in play.

My initial reaction is to turn in petitions with the correct date for this primary- however, fundraising isn’t even a remote possibility to go head-to-head with Turner, and I can think of better things for people to spend their money on than a campaign- like hiring people in OH-3.

What are your thoughts?


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David you should run, Turner was the klutz that cost the city a ton of bucks for a water fountian that failed to work in the middle of the Miami River no less, Turner fails to know the law, look how much bucks you got for wearing a black suit at the City meetings. His wife, from what I have read has her hand in the cookie jar, thanks to hubby.
When I step out of the house tomorrow I shall scream at the top of my lungs…Run David Run…Run David Run. Can my wife and I be the first ones to sign your petition, like we was the last time your knocked on our door? We have to get the crook’s out of Congress, and get out country back to the people, and you would be the right person to lead the parade. Run David Run…Run David Run.


Hello all,
I know Joe Roberts personally, and if one underdog in the Dems has more gumption in his jaws than Roberts, than I would like him to talk head-to-head with Joe and try their policy on for size against his.  This is to say that no one can match the tenacity of Joe Roberts, least of which a GOP incumbent who has oversaw the demise of Dayton.
Ok, maybe things aren’t looking too lustrous with his chances, but he is one to fight to the end for Ohio folk; there is not doubt about this.
John Shroyer
Language Arts Teacher, Northwestern Middle School
Milton, GA