Lori Turner’s new gig: VP at KHN

Announced today: Kettering Health Network has hired Congressman Mike Turner’s wife, Lori Turner as their new Vice President of Market Development and Strategic Communications.

Her firm did some work for Kettering Health Network back before the “Got Midwest” giant FAIL.

Of course, considering many of Kettering’s top administrators are huge donors to her husband’s campaign, and Raj Soin just bought the naming rights to the new hospital in Beavercreek- this is just one more way to buy a Congressman.


The position is a new position- and was not posted. This is highly abnormal for KNH- they normally hire from within- or post positions- also, Turner will be one of a smattering of non-Adventists at the VP level. [End update]

Ms. Turner’s former firm, “The Turner Effect” was not very shy about doing work that normally bright people would avoid- like having a GSA schedule and doing work for the Army Corps of Engineers while her husband sits on the Defense Appropriations Committee. She also did work for the Home Depot Political Action Committee, which would be an easy way to skirt normal campaign funding restrictions.

(If you aren’t familiar with any of the above transgressions of common sense- do a search or two on this site- we’ve been breaking this story like Jose Canseco breaks bats).

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