Local media doing local TV?

Queen City TV show promo shot

Queen City TV show coming to Cincinnati

With all the horsepower under the Cox Media Center- it’s surprising they haven’t attempted more totally local programming. In the day of media overload, unique, local content is the only competitive advantage they can “own” and really sell.

It’s happening in Cincinnati:

Coming to WXIX-TV (Channel19) this fall is a reality series shot on the hills and in the valleys of the “Queen City,” about four active, young professional women. Fox 19 will officially announce the show later this week, but you can find details here on Facebook.

The weekly series promises to give viewers a look at “life in the Q.C.” through the activities of Tracey Conrad, Katie Cassidy, Lauren Brown and Adhrucia Apana. Shooting started in April; Fox 19 executives gave a green light to the series on Friday. The local production likely will be done with some college students…

via New ‘Queen City’ Show Debuts In July | TV and Media Blog.

We’ve seen how voice tracking and programming from Texas has all but killed local radio (WYSO being the major exception). At one time, Dayton’s CW, Ch 26 was hosting “The Daily Buzz” which was syndicated nationally- meaning you could produce quality original programming locally. We’ve seen enough studio set shows- like Hi-Q and talks on a couch- how about getting out in the community?

There are stories galore- that deserve more than a 2-minute bit on the evening news.

For a while WYSO was doing a local weekly radio journal show with Aileen LeBlanc, but, we’ve yet to see the cameras go out in the community. The most prolific option so far, is Drexel Dave Sparks with his Dayton Informer site. At least one other person gets it here.

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