Local FBI gives KKK a run for their money

Apparently, only Black people are involved in a widespread “Culture of Corruption” where single elected Black officials or former Black elected officials, or son’s of former elected Black Officials- single handily are able to pocket large amounts of money from contractors who want to do business with the city.

Here we go again in Cincinnati:

A federal grand jury has charged a Cincinnati city councilman and his business partner in a conspiracy involving honest services wire fraud, bribery, attempted extortion by a government official and money laundering.

Jeffrey Pastor, 36, of Cincinnati, allegedly solicited and received $55,000 in bribes between August 2018 and February 2019 in exchange for promised official action related to projects before the City of Cincinnati.

Pastor’s business partner, Tyran Marshall, 35, of Cincinnati, allegedly acted as a middleman in receiving bribes payments.

For example, according to the 10-count indictment that was returned on Nov. 4 and unsealed today, in September 2018, Pastor and Marshall flew to Miami, Fla. on a private plane to meet with investors regarding a real estate development project. Pastor never paid for or disclosed the trip. During the trip, Pastor allegedly explained he would ensure favorable action on behalf of the city for the project and could receive money through Marshall’s non-profit entity Ummah Strength, LLC (which had been incorporated two weeks prior). Pastor discussed “compensation” and agreed to accept $15,000 for helping with the project. He said the purpose of Marshall’s entity was to “sanitize” the money. Pastor accepted $15,000 in cash about a week later.

Pastor and Marshall allegedly solicited and received another $20,000 in October and November 2018. They allegedly received two $10,000 payments in exchange for Pastor’s official city action benefitting a second project.

From January 2019 through early March 2019, Pastor allegedly continued to attempt to secure more bribe money for help on a city project.

Pastor and Marshall each appeared in federal court before U.S. Magistrate Judge Stephanie K. Bowman.

Pastor is charged with each of the 10 counts in the indictment: one count of conspiring to commit honest services wire fraud (up to 20 years in prison), two counts of honest services wire fraud (up to 20 years), three counts of bribery (up to 10 years), three counts of attempted extortion by a government official (up to 20 years) and one count of money laundering (up to 20 years).

Marshall is charged with four crimes: one count of conspiring to commit honest services wire fraud (up to 20 years in prison), one count of bribery (up to 10 years), one count of attempted extortion (up to 20 years) and one count of money laundering (up to 20 years).

Source: Cincinnati City Council Member and his business partner charged with accepting bribes | USAO-SDOH | Department of Justice

Now, note, on the Dayton City Commission, it’s supposed to take at least 3 votes to award a contract, after it’s already been recommended by the City Manager. In Cincinnati, where the city council has 9 council members- you’d need 5 votes. The FBI has only arrested 2 of them- both Black.

Literally, the only person not-of-color who has been arrested was Steve Rauch of SRI- the demolition contractor who’s been shoveled millions annually by the Dayton City Commission, and who used to be best buds with Rhine McLin. Rauch used to show up on campaign finance reports pretty regularly as a big political donor- until about 8 years ago- when he must have found another way to funnel cash into the needy pockets of our local officials.

Reality is, the FBI has shown a remarkable ability to only arrest people of color. There is something very wrong here. Pay to Play is alive and well in Dayton Ohio and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to trace the money, or even an FBI agent- it’s clear as day when you look at the donor list for Issue 9 where Daytonian’s got suckered into voting to raise their own taxes.

Every single donor has direct ties to either contracts, unions, a job within City Hall, or is a major tax dodging “non-profit” business that gets everything else they ask for.

It’s time for an investigation of the investigators.

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