Laws broken that will never be prosecuted: The Monarchy of Montgomery County

It’s bad enough that we have 10% more government overhead than the rest of the country- with plenty of duplication of services, but now we also have a rampant case of illegal nepotism being exposed in the region.

Of course this is nothing new, it’s been going on forever. This “exposée” in the Dayton Daily News only covers relatives of elected officials- if we counted the family of political party insiders, and top hired officials (who report directly to those elected positions) we’d find out that we have an epidemic.

A Dayton Daily News survey of all 31 elected Montgomery County officials found 13 with relatives working for the county, including six whose relatives work in the elected official’s office.

A total of 19 county employees are relatives of elected officials. Three of the relatives worked for the county before the elected official became a county employee.

The county has 4,640 employees overseen by elected and non-elected officials. Ohio’s nepotism rules cover all public employees.

Eight of the 19 employees related to elected officeholders are in-laws, nieces, nephews or cousins, none of whom are covered by the law’s restrictions unless they live with the official. The law prohibits public employees and officials from being involved in the hiring of close relatives, such as children, grandchildren, spouses and parents.

via Officials taxed with ethical, perception issues when relatives work for county.

I’d write more about this- but, since I first wrote about the “Monarchy of Montgomery County” last October, and nothing happened, I don’t see what good it is to keep harping on this matter.

The County Prosecutor won’t go after any of these people, because he’s just as guilty. The State people won’t intervene because they count on the party faithful to deliver votes they need.

Expecting the voters to hold these people accountable is almost impossible. As I’ve continually said- we have the best politicians money can buy.

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