On the special election primary

A lot of confusion on the Dayton Daily News comments boards about this expensive special election primary- and it’s time to dispel some of that confusion. If only one person runs- there STILL has to be a primary. All the way up until 40 days before the November election, a primary must be held. Had MacNealy waited until 40 days- and then dropped out- the Democratic Party could nominate a replacement. This happened in 2006 when Stephanie Studebaker dropped out– and a special election primary was held- with a 2.3% turnout.

The dates for filing and certification are still not fully decided. For now, the filing deadline will be June 10th. A write in deadline would be June 13th or so. The petitions will be verified either July 11th of July 14th. The primary election results won’t be certified until August 8th.

The site www.macnealy2010.com is now parked at GoDaddy- with a holding page. His Facebook page isn’t updated with his dropping out. There is no information online about Joe Roberts, his campaign manager who is supposedly running.

I’m continuing to collect signatures- and making video- (note, I’ve been taping everyone- but not everyone is on youtube).

While others have volunteered to circulate my petitions for me- I believe that if you want to represent the people of Ohio-3, you should be willing to ask them face to face to sign the petitions.

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