An open invitation to Joe Roberts

Joe Roberts

Joe Roberts, running for Congress OH-3

Joe Roberts was Dr. Mark MacNealy’s campaign manager. Sources have told me that he is running in the special election primary for the Democratic nomination for Congress in OH-3.

I can find nothing about him online. [correction 5pm: he now has a facebook page and also gives this URL] I am offering to post his bio- info- etc. on – and/or sit down for a session of the Dayton Grassroots Daily Show- so that my readers can start to form an opinion on whom to support.

This offer also goes out to other candidates who are filing.

I’ve begun the process of filing the designation of treasurer form- and have my 50+ signatures (but will continue to collect insurance signatures for a few more days). I’ll soon have my donation system back in place and will begin fund-raising.

It’s a sure bet that there is zero chance of matching Turner dollar for dollar in a full out media campaign. I’ll have a campaign finance reform plan to announce when I win the Democratic nomination on how to best serve the citizens of Ohio 3.

However, if you know Joe Roberts- please have him contact me.

Thank you.

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Ice Bandit

I can find nothing about him (Joe Roberts) online. (Joe Esrati)
Joe Roberts? I remember him. Goaltender with the Chatham Maroons back when Eric “Elbows” Nesterenko owned the team. Cheap shotted me in the crease with his stick one time. Still, hated to hear about that shot he took to the head…

Ice Bandit

I can find nothing about him (Joe Roberts) online. (Joe Esrati) (Ice Bandit)
Joe Esrati? Apparently, Joe wasn’t the only one to take a shot to the head…


His wife has a fundraising page here.


From the facebook page!/pages/Joe-Roberts-for-Congress/121667241199155?v=info 

“Joe believes that the federal government has a responsibility to educate as well as reeducate its citizens. ”  Emphasis mine.

Completely understandable and only slightly creepy…in a Maoist/Stalinist way. 


Don’t be so extreme…those who have a right to demand education and get to control the content of the education surely have a right to reeducate you once you have been corrupted.


Neither the URL nor the Facebook page gives any particular information on Roberts, and, baring some serious Party  skulduggery [which is always possible], I don’t see him  as a viable candidate.
The MCDP  should NOT endorse anyone before the primary.


Looks like our buddy Joe is reading this blog.  The “reeducate” quote from above has been removed. 

Now its just him referring to himself in the third person…which in all honesty only works for my man The Ice Bandit aka the old Bandito.



This Guy is a complete idiot and not a serious contender. I wont even waste my time explaining why.


Joe Roberts. If you are able to contact him you will quickly realize why I say this.