Late night food in Dayton: Pie Pizzeria on Brown Street

When I was just out of high school I worked the 2nd and 3rd shift at the parking garage in Downtown Cleveland for National City Bank. It was a great job for a college freshman because you could study pretty much uninterrupted and get paid. The only problem was food- and for that, there was Cleveland Steak and Potato, the all night eatery that was run by some Greek guys and had awesome, messy gyros. I was a 3am regular. As were cops, newspaper people, and a lot of people leaving bars.

Dayton has always been missing an all night greasy spoon. Sure, there are some chain fast food joints open late- but, no place to get a slice of pizza. That’s changed as of Halloween- when Pie Pizzeria opened up on Brown Street between BW3’s and the Pine Club.

Open from 11am to 3am M-W and 11am to 4am Thursday through Sunday- you can now satisfy your late night munchies.

The pizzas are hand tossed- and “NY Style” with a thin crust and NYC themed names. I’ll be trying them out soon enough- but not tonight.

They feature free delivery and have sandwiches, pasta dishes, a “Big Don Dog” which is a “stuffed” Nathan’s Famous Hot dog served “The New York Way.” Salads and Calzones and Stromboli finish out the menu.

Pie Pizzeria is at 1910 Brown Street Dayton Ohio 45409 and their phone is 937-228-4pie

They’ve got a horrible site at but, at least they have one.

Prices run to the inexpensive side- with slices from $2.50 for a cheese to $4 for the “brawler.” They have a challenge that if two people can eat a large brawler in 20 minutes it’s free- and you get your picture on the wall. So far, only one picture is up. At a pound a slice that’s 4lbs of pizza in 20. Go knock yourself out- tell them esrati sent you.

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