Jon Husted: Go to jail, go directly to jail, do not pass go

Committing a fifth degree felony gets a nice little hearing- committing a fourth degree misdemeanor (my mask case) gets you hauled off to jail.

It’s time that Jon Husted be forced to resign his seat in Columbus, and be barred from running for political office for life. Instead- we get a gutless “investigation” by the b-partisan Montgomery County Board of Elections

Ohio Representative Jon Husted (R-37th Ohio House District and Speaker of the House) is under investigation by the Montgomery County Board of Elections for violating Ohio’s Residency Laws.

By law, Husted cannot run for the Legislature if he does not live in his district.

A legislator may be forced to forfeit his seat if he is not a legal resident of the district he represents.

Former Speaker of the Ohio House Jon Husted testified before the Montgomery County Board of Elections on Jan 7th, 2009, to answer allegations that he does not live in Kettering, where he is registered to vote.

This is a formal request to investigate the eligibility of Jon A. Husted to vote and run for office in Montgomery County.

“We have independently verified the following facts:

1. Jon Husted is a candidate for the State Senate in the 6th District and is registered to vote at 148 Sherbrooke Dr, Kettering, Ohio 45429.

2. His spouse owns a house located at 2305 Haverford Rd, Columbus, Ohio 43220. Property records attached from Franklin County Auditor Joseph R. Testa indicate that this is the couples permanent place of residence as they take the 2.5% homestead tax reduction.

3. The Ohio Revised Code requires that the 2.5% homestead reduction requires you to own and occupy your home as your principal place of residence. A homeowner and spouse are entitled to this homestead tax reduction on only one home in Ohio.

via Constitutional Fights
Repeal Adam Walsh Act Laws !: Ohio Representative Jon Husted Investigation

You absolutely have to watch this video by Progress Ohio to see how smug Husted is in his defense of himself.

It’s bad enough we have people stupid enough to keep voting him in, but it’s even worse when he’s been clearly breaking the rules for years and everyone keeps looking the other way.

And, where the hell has the Dayton Daily News been on this until now? I guess they are too afraid of losing a subscriber (he had 6 weeks worth of newspapers piled on his front step) to report on this issue.

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Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

He is a position of power and the publishers/owners of the DDN care more about the pork delivered to the area than any of the pork actually benefiting the people of Dayton. He is smug because the DDN and WHIO investigate murders and robberies committed by the disenfranchised, not the white collar robbery of the electorate by the people they help elect.

Why are you suprised?


“he had 6 weeks worth of newspapers piled on his front step”

If there is a pix of this…well…too cool!

This would make a great campaign ad… something Roger Ailes would use (Ailes got his start doing this kind of political advertising, partially responsible for Mitch McConnells rise in KY politics).


Where are all the good investigative reporters in Dayton? This is a REAL story. Someone is derelict in there duties. Walter Cronkite wouldn’t have been afraid to take on this story. I guess, our media has lost their nerve.

Bruce Kettelle

I think all the good investigative reporters have been cut due to budget reductions. But we still have Esrati!


The law is clearly on Husted’s side on this one. From the Secretary of State’s website:

Where do I vote?

Ohio election officials determine a person’s qualifying voting address using guidelines established by Ohio law (Revised Code (R.C.) 3503.02). Where an individual votes depends on where he or she is determined by law to reside. A voter may vote from only one residence. Your voting residence is the place in which your habitation is fixed and to which, whenever you are absent, you intend to return. Your voting residence should be one you consider to be permanent, not temporary. You will not lose your voting residency in Ohio if you leave temporarily and intend to return, unless you are absent from the state for four consecutive years. (Exception: You will not lose your residency after four years if your absence from Ohio is due to your employment with Ohio or the United States government, including military service, unless you vote in, or permanently move to, another state.)

If you do not have a fixed place of habitation, but you are a consistent or regular inhabitant of a shelter or other location to which you intend to return, you may use that shelter or other location as your residence for purposes of registering to vote.

If he plans to return permanently to his Kettering address he clearly falls under the protection of the law. Tax law definitions and voting law definitions of residency due in fact contradict each other. For purposes of out of state workers who plan to return to Ohio, students, military and American workers who live oversees are all permitted to register and vote from the address which they intend to permanently return.

The Secretary of State will agree when she decides this matter soon.

Jeff Wellbaum
Jeff Wellbaum

Doesn’t Rhine McClin have a residence also in Washington TWP?

David Esrati

Jeff- If you’re going to run for office 2 things-
1) Learn to spell the Mayor’s name right.
2) Learn how to research property using the county recorders office website.
Don’t just spew crap.



When does he plan to return to Kettering? His stated reason for the home in Columbus was that long hours as speaker made it impossible to care for his son and do his job well. He’s no longer speaker, but still in Columbus. Also, where does his son go to school, where does his wife claim to be a permanent resident? Since she claims permanence in Columbus, does she plan to stay there when he moves back to Kettering? Since he could easily make the trip back to Kettering now that he has less of a role, shouldn’t his son go to school in the district he represents? Since intent is a personal decision the facts must be weighed to determine the intent of the situation, Husted intends to dupe his constituents, he’s been allowed to flex the rules since he first ran for Representative and used Dayton Chamber facilities, employees, resources and contacts to get elected.

Oh, and Jeff W., the Rhine Mclin’s only residence in Montgomery County is in Dayton, sorry man.

Bruce Kettelle

Thanks Gene I was going to point that out but you beat me to it.  Until the DDN gets around to posting the rest of the story here is a quote from the supreme court decision.

“Husted could not be considered to have lost his Montgomery County residence when he left the county for the temporary purpose of working as a state legislator in Franklin County with the intention of returning when that state service ends,” the court wrote. “Nor could Husted be considered to have gained a residence in Franklin County, which Husted entered for the temporary purpose of state employment only, without the intention of making that county his permanent place of abode.”

I think this ruling is actually a pretty good thing as it helps to clarify future situations and will keep our elected officials from having to sneak around to disguise their Columbus residence.


Someone brought up the question of where his kids go to school? That is where you live.

I am too tired to look that up right now, or even find out if he has kids. If someone knows the answer to that question, please answer. I would guess in C-Bus.

Jennifer Alexander
Jennifer Alexander

Yes, he has children. He was a single father prior to getting married to his current wife. He has a son, I’m not certain if he was married to the sons mother or not, or what happened…not that it really matters or is any of our business.  Yet, as someone who grew up in Kettering & intends on returning someday & still spends lots of time there with my entire family still there…..I have not seen Husted there in over 10 yrs…I run into Turner all the time with his family out doing mundane things like at the grocery or flower center…you never see Husted here. I was a sales manager for a well known high end men’s clothier for many years…the who’s who of the area shopped there…..Turner & family were there often….I remember selling one suit to Husted prior to his first election.

Jennifer Alexander
Jennifer Alexander

Maybe if Husted had his son enrolled in the Kettering-Moraine Schools, he would have been more proactive with trying to save the GM Truck & Bus factory…huge loss for tax $ for the school district!
Nor is he working very hard to bring a new company/industry into the empty facility location, nor helping DMAX Ltd. bring back all the laid off workers….the voters in Kettering need to wake up & see that he is not committed to them & the community….the drastic decline in the Kettering schools State rankings directly reflects the decline in tax $ for the schools since he was elected. Ohio voters are fools if they elect him to SOS position, how can he be the chief of Ohio elections when himself is unable to abide by election laws?


Husted has a very impressive war chest.   Movin’ on up in Ohio politics now that he’s put this behind him.


[…] question of residency gets a little muddled in Ohio- thanks to our very own Secretary of State Jon Husted who had a vacant house in Kettering while he lived in Columbus when he was a State Representative. I don’t want to get into the screwiness of the legal […]