Friday night Beer event: South Park Tavern

Although I don’t know anything about beer, I have a few friends who do. They think this is pretty exciting- and if you love beer, you may too.

Bill Daniels, owner of the South Park Tavern and Dayton’s Original Pizza Factory, Huff-n-Puff goaltender, beer connoisseur, and walking database of old movie lines- is having the Bell’s Brewery rep in to the tavern and will have all kinds of special beers on tap- including this one, which must be close to holy water:

Bourbon Barrel Aged Double Cream/Expedition Stout: Bell’s Brewery has conferred upon us a small keg of a VERY VERY special brew. It’s an “off the menu” version of their Special Double Cream Stout blended with their world famous Expedition Stout and aged in a bourbon barrel. I’ve been told there are only two of these small kegs in Ohio, and the other is going to a beer festival somewhere. Come early if you want to try this quite possibly once-in-a-lifetime beer. (OG: 1.075 ABV: 6.1% Cream Stout/ OG: 1.11 ABV: 10.5% Expedition Stout- but subject to change due to the blending and bourbon barrel aging!)

The 23rd promises to be a special evening at the South Park Pizza Tavern, and we hope you’ll stop in and join us. As A.E. Houseman so eloquently put it, “And malt does more than Milton can to justify God’s ways to man.”

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The South Park Tavern is at 1301 Wayne Ave. Dayton OH 45410

Event starts at 8. My favorite pizzas:

  • Classic Italian (also good without sausage as a vegetarian version)
  • Reuben- try it, you’ll like it.
  • Cheeseburger- with the special request of ketchup and mustard sauce
  • Pesto Pizzaz- yes, broccoli on a pizza is a good thing.

Pizza, Beer, South Park- what more can you ask for?

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