John Boehner needs to do a better job

In one of those wonderful moments of total clarity, John Boehner hits the nail on the head:

During Monday’s speech, Boehner said Dayton needs to do a better job educating its youth.

“I’ve been rather critical of the Dayton business community for not taking a more active role in fixing Dayton schools,” said Boehner, who supports increased competition among schools, and alternatives to public schools.

“If you’re poor and you’re locked in a rotten neighborhood, you’re probably going to get locked into a rotten school,” Boehner said. “I just think it’s the most unfair thing that we do.”

via Boehner chides Obama for acknowledging Chavez.

Sure, John- if they weren’t poor, because you’ve done a great job of making sure that companies like Exxon have record profits, while our jobs, our retirements, our cities are going bankrupt- thanks to your deregulation of financial markets.

The most unfair thing we do is pay the CEO of DP&L over a million a year to supply electricity- which is as essential as water in the modern world.

The second most unfair thing we do, is sell our political offices to the highest bidder. John- please fix those for us too.

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