It’s official: three to run in OH-3 for Democratic nomination

Just heard from the Board of Elections. Democratic voters in OH-3 will decide between Jane Mitakides, Charles Sanders and David Esrati in the March 4 primary to decide who will face incumbent Republican Mike Turner in the fall. Both Sanders and Mitakides have run against Turner in the past.

If you’re reading this, it means you are one of the most up-to-date, well informed people in the district. Why not help get a congressman who is willing to communicate with you on a daily basis instead of one who only talks to you when they need money or your vote. (Oh, yeah, I need both of those too- but I’ll still talk with you anyway).

So, download your own copy of “Dear Son: Do you really want to be an American” and donate some money. We’ll have something set up for volunteering soon.

Thanks for your support.

Heard this from John Edwards today about campaign funding; “last I checked, we’re running an election, not an auction” and I couldn’t agree more. Let’s prove that the currency of ideas is more important than having the best politicians money can buy in November (note: Mike Turner already has 3/4 million in the campaign war chest).

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