Is the Turner Effect about to “Get DC”?

More than a few sources have told me that the Turner Effect has laid off many staffers and is about to close its doors. After the “Get Midwest” debacle, apparently clients weren’t that interested in associating themselves with an agency that grossly overcharges.

The Turner Effect is headed by OH-3 Congressman Mike Turner’s wife, Lori and it has served as a way to slip the Congressman funds outside of the campaign finance rules. The most obvious example: being hired by the Home Depot PAC to do promotions packages to be handed to members of Congress.

The other news seems to be that Mike Turner is about to do a Jon Husted (or follow in the footsteps of his beloved predecessor Tony Hall) and is moving to DC. The grapevine said that his kids are now living in DC with their grandmother- just waiting for Lori to close things up in Dayton.

An absentee congressman? Please note, this is all still unconfirmed, but I’m sure by posting this a few other sources will let me know the rest of the details.

Does Turner have an “oh shit, I lost” backup job waiting in DC? Or, has some lobbyist promised him a big job- or is he slotted for something else? We should know more in a week after the election for sure.

Keep tuned.

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