How to save Cleveland (Dayton) according to Drew Carey

Reader Michael in Tokyo sends me a link to a series that’s running online on how to save Cleveland.

Substitute the word Dayton for Cleveland in this video- and manufacturing for steel industry- and you have our story.

Sad but true.

I’d like to hear your feelings about this video. All the videos are posted here:

It’s sad when a comedian is the voice of reason and the messenger for change.

Then again- if you can’t laugh about the predicament that the politicians have put us in, there may not be any hope at all.

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Yeah, but their first big libertarian solution (as outlined in video 2): Open more charter schools.
Maybe they should come to Dayton. Not that charter schools are necessarily bad (my bro was principal of a good one)…but they’re not necessarily good or game-changing either.


Maybe hiring teachers based on seniority isn’t a good idea, because hangin’ around doesn’t make you good.
Drew Carey

Will Brooks
Will Brooks

There are similarities between Cleveland and Dayton but I would also say these two cities are vastly different.

Ice Bandit

   It’s sad when a comedian is the voice of reason and the messenger for change. (Dave Esrati)

   Contraire mon friere. It’s not sad, it’s typical. Guess you could say that it is a tradition that goes at least as far back as Will Rogers. Was Mort Sahl a herald for a generation to come? How about George Carlin? Ditto Bill Cosby though there are those who would villify the messenger and ignore the kernals of truth contained in the narrative. The greats of comedy have always known that the greater the truth, the heartier the laugh. So lighten up Dave, it’s only shtick….

Drexel Dave Sparks
Drexel Dave Sparks

What a one-sided piece of propaganda the school piece was. Part II.