Hottest ticket in town: Olive, an urban dive

Olive, an urban dive logoI just got back from a tasting at Olive, an Urban Dive. I don’t think I’ve ever had so many delicious, amazing, different bites of food in my life. 30+ tastes of dishes- with two rounds of Jeni’s  Splendid Ice creams in between.

I took photos- with the iPhone, but I’m here to tell you – pictures aren’t worth 1,000 words- tasting is the only way you’ll believe me. The food was fresh, fine, simple, wonderful, awesome.

Starting next week- you can try to get in for lunch. Dinner won’t start for another few weeks- start making reservations now. Here’s why: The place is TINY. 35 occupancy- including the crew- and the food- is so fresh- when they run out- it’s gone. This will be the hottest ticket in town- guaranteed. One caveat- I have no idea what the prices will be- but, for the experience- it will be worth it.

Olive soft opens for lunch July 5th M-F 10 a.m.-3 p.m.!

These are our planned upon hours! We are not open full schedule yet!
phone/reservations 937.222.DIVE (3483)
dining room/patio seating/carryout:
Monday-Friday 10-3 lunch
Saturday & Sunday 10-3 brunch
Thursday-Saturday 5-midnight dinner
olive: 416 east third st., dayton, oh 45402
via when & where – Olive,  an urban dive.

A few tips- they will always have takeout. You can’t call it in. Every third ticket- takeout will slide in- so you may have a chance even if you don’t get a seat. The carryout containers and the utensils- are all biodegradable.

They are only taking cash or check during the first few weeks. After that- MC/Visa. No AmEx.

Monday – Wednesday nights- the place is available for rental- pick a menu- have a party with your 29 best friends.

They have parking- and bike racks.

And the most important part- the sign says “WYMPEE” and isn’t going to change anytime soon. Get over it. Corner of Wayne and E. Third St. Across from the Cannery.

All the ingredients are local, fresh, organic. Everything is made in the tiny kitchen- it’s so tiny- they didn’t have room for a dishwasher- they do it in a 3 compartment sink. Bring your own booze- since our illustrious state won’t grant them a liquor license because they only have- shock- 1 bathroom.

Everything is recycled, composted, ecologically sound. The music is all local- through the iPod jukebox. They have a huge following on Facebook and Twitter and battled city hall for at least a year to pull this off.

I liked everything I ate- but, some favorites- the Garlic Butter Burger Slider, Fried Leeks (onion rings for foodies), Fried Mozzarella, the Kabobs, Spanakopita, the grilled cheese and tomato bisque, the raspberry cheesecake, Hummus sandwiches, felafel, the Greek salad, Olive chicken, sweet potato fries…

I’ve already booked a pair of lunch dates- you should, too.


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