Hire Cleveland’s Cop Cadets NOW!

Here’s a money-saving idea- forget the test, forget the academy- here are 40 trained police cadets available now:

Cleveland may have spent six months and more than $700,000 to prep 40 new police cadets, only to have them end up patrolling streets in the suburbs or out of state.The city, squeezed for cash, laid off the cadets Friday, immediately after their graduation from the department’s six-month academy. They were sworn in, but could have to wait up to 18 months for retirements and resignations to make room on the payroll, said Steve Loomis, their union president.

via Cleveland’s laid-off police cadets ready for others to recruit | cleveland.com.

Dayton is behind the curve on hiring police cadets right now and retirements are happening faster than we’d like. Besides saving a boatload in training costs- we could deploy these officers almost instantly.

But, like all good fire sales, this requires fast action- something our city has only shown it’s capable of when paying off political patrons or doing deals that benefit those in power. Here’s a chance to save the taxpayers a bunch of money.

Want to lay odds that the city can’t manage to hire a single one of these cadets?

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