Hit the road, Mack, and won’tcha go home

When the going gets rough, Percy Mack gets going. With no real plan on how to inspire the voters of Dayton to reach into their pockets for more money- Dr. Mack took the easy route out- heading for Columbia SC and more money.

The school board had no plan in place, and doesn’t seem to realize the most important thing a good leader does is prepare a number 2 person to step in and takeover.

If Deputy Superintendent Debra Brathwaite isn’t the right person to step right in, the board should consider resigning as well. We don’t have time to bring in someone new, and get a new levy passed.

Percy Mack leaves; board to start search process | Get on the Bus | Observations on schools, kids, teachers, teaching and education by Scott Elliott, Dayton Daily News
Mack on Friday accepted a job as superintendent in Columbia, S.C., a slightly larger school district of 23,000 students compared to 16,000 here.

Mack, who could not be immediately reached for comment, said earlier this month he was interested in the job primarily because it was closer to his native Georgia. He interviewed but was not selected for the superintendent job in Mobile, Ala., in September.

The school board in Columbia interviewed Mack and two other candidates last week. After a meeting this morning, they offered him the job and he accepted, according to The State newspaper.

School officials there did not disclose contract terms but have said they wanted to pay their next superintendent between $195,000 and $230,000. Mack makes about $140,000 in Dayton.

Dayton school board President Yvonne Isaacs said she was happy for Mack but sad for herself and for Dayton.

“This gets him as close to home as he can be without going home,” she said. “That’s good for his family.”

As for the district’s immediate future with a levy expected in November and no superintendent after July 1, Isaacs said the board would meet quickly to begin developing an action plan.

“It’s going to present a challenge for us,” she said.

If it takes the board more than one week to fill this spot, they may as well admit to the public that they don’t have an organization that deserves our support.

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