Hillary Clinton: choice of an old school generation

Don’t expect the disenfranchised voters to come out in droves in November if Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee- or even if she is some part of some borked split ticket with Obama.

Look to the things the endorsers of Hillary say:

Obama, Clinton pick up endorsements
Hall said he decided to endorse Clinton months ago in part because the Clintons “have been friends of mine and have been very good to me over the years.”

The Clinton campaign announced Hall’s endorsement as part of some 100 backers from the state, their “Ohio Leadership Council.”

The list included Montgomery County Commissioner Judy Dodge, former county Democratic Party Chairman Dennis Lieberman, and established backers Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, D-Cleveland, Gov. Strickland and former U.S. Sen. John Glenn.

“Friends of mine and have been very good to me over the years”- not a peep about a new vision, moving forward, hope, progress or change. Hillary Clinton is the establishment, Obama is the movement.

The word change is bandied around like the “Orgasmatron” in Woodie Allen’s classic  tale of the future “Sleeper” but, in reality, change only comes when you are willing to cut-ties to old ways of doing things.

Just visit an Obama grassroots organizing meeting and compare it to a Hillary meeting. It’s like the difference between a wedding and a funeral to me.

We don’t need another country club leader while we’re fighting to save our homes, our jobs and waiting for health care that we can afford. Look at that list of names backing Clinton- and show me one who hasn’t made a career out of government service. Obama is the candidate of the people- and 2008 is the year the people will take back their government.

(waiting for snide comments from Russ Joseph)

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First let me start with my usual disclaimer of “I’m not a Democrat and I don’t agree with just about all of Obama’s political viewpoints blah, blah, blah . . .” However, he’s likable, committed to his cause, is an effective communicator and is passionate about what he is doing.

And here’s the kicker and what the Clinton’s just can’t quite understand –

Obama is the anti-boomer. In fact I will stick my neck out and venture to say that the rapidly growing grass roots support of Obama is quickly becoming a referendum against an entire generation – a generation that loves to talk to talk but by no means walks the walk. And I don’t mean to say that all boomers are like that. Just the majority that I’ve observed and interacted with.

Their children are now within that age bracket (20’s to early 30’s) and wise enough to observe and note the underlying truth about their parent’s generation – the ones who back in the 60’s and 70’s damned the “establishment” and fought against any type of authority but now today relish in their roles of lording it over as self-entitled elitists, and that’s on both sides of the political spectrum.

How this plays out with the Republicans and John McCain will be interesting to observe, especially considering the fact that McCain more than went against the more “acceptable” path of coming of age in the 60’s and 70’s. I read “Faith of My Fathers” several years ago.

Isn’t interesting to see Princess Chelsea holding court on Ohio college campuses while Jimmy McCain returns from a seven month combat deployment in Iraq as an enlisted Marine.

Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

Nice comment Mr. Crotty and I too was enamored with McCain as I became a Republican to vote for him instead of Bushy in the 2000 Primary; however, the person that gets my goat in this article is the BIGGEST IDIOT EVER EMBRACED BY DAYTON – TONY (FAT BOY) HALL. The pass that guy got for his hunger campaign instead of working for the 3rd District is appalling. I could, and of course have, go on and on about this idiot.

Russ Joseph
Russ Joseph

David–you’re right, people trying to make this country a better place are bad people. I certainly wouldn’t trust anyone dedicated to public service. (Is that snide enough?)


Once again David is spewing venom despite having all his facts wrong. Polling clearly shows Hillary’s supporters are less wealthy and more working class than Obama supporters. You have the argument flipped. And last I checked Obama had just as many endorsements, establishment support and corporate cash as Hillary.
The “country club dems” line makes no sense but does follow David’s pattern of unfactual, angry attacks. Perhaps David is cranky because he’ll never achieve the power and electoral success he craves. He’ll never be elected, never be mayor and will lose this primary-badly. That must grate at someone who considers himself so brilliant and morally superior. I guess that’s why he hates everyone with power and why he has to throw bombs even when the facts don’t support him.
I’m tired of this venom and anger. It’s entertaining at times, but mostly just sad and pathetic. Let’s have a better debate and get the facts straight.

David Esrati
David Esrati

When the Montgomery County Democratic Party starts letting the people decide who will be our leaders- instead of doing it in a locked room, with it’s secret society screening committee- maybe we’ll get some people who make sense in office.
My venom comes from people who think that they should be able to tell others who to vote for. It seems to be a favorite past-time here in Dayton.
I don’t tell people to vote for me- I tell them to examine the candidates. I say I support Obama and give the reasons- but, I don’t demand you agree with me, or you can’t be in our club. The Montgomery County Democratic Party is the least Democratic organization in existence. Until we open up the process, it should be shut down.
I’m not sure where I got my facts wrong- but if Hillary’s supporters are less wealthy and more working class than Obama supporters- explain to me why the poor are getting poorer, the rich are getting richer- and Obama is winning more delegates?
Your logic is as bad as your predictions about this upcoming primary.

Drexel Dave

Odds are 10 to 1 the question on secrecy will be ignored.

“I believe and I say it is true Democratic feeling, that all the measures of the government are directed to the purpose of making the rich richer and the poor poorer.” – William Henry Harrison said, in an October 1, 1840 speech (Degregorio, William (1997). Complete Book of U.S. Presidents: From George Washington to George W. Bush) [garnered from wikipedia – after google search of “rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer” (Santana – Supernatural – 1999)] I have said it before, however, not here; so, I will say it again. Same ol’ – same ol’. I think I’m gonna make some shirts that say “S.S.D.C.” on the front and “Same $#%@, Different Century” on the back. As for the Secrecy question – if it’s good enough for the Founding Father’s and most businesses large and small – why the heck not: “The Philadelphia Convention voted to keep the deliberations secret and decided to draft a new fundamental government design which eventually stipulated that only nine of the thirteen states would have to ratify for the new government to go into effect (for the participating states).” – Again initially garnered from Wikipedia with a cited source to the National Archives – based on information I received in my High School civics class. Lynn – Polls are like the stock market – hardly something to base the future on. “However, the polls and the pundits all held that Dewey’s lead was insurmountable, and that Truman’s efforts were for naught.” – Again Wikipedia article after Google search “truman loses election newspaper” (from something remembered in High School Civics) Mr. Crotty – I like your sentiment about the 20-30 year olds – being one myself; however, I refer now to P!nk from her I’m Not Dead album the song is Runaway: I’m too young to be Taken seriously But I’m too old to believe All this hypocrisy. Ageism festers in many hearts – and tries to silence the younger generation before they finish talking (I’m older and wiser) – that’s what the rebellion in the 60s and 70s was partially… Read more »

“Polling clearly shows Hillary’s supporters are less wealthy and more working class than Obama supporters.”


Obama is getting simiar support, his core or base support, that Gary Hart did in ’84 and Howard Dean did in ’04. Similar “yuppie insurgency” going on, plus that youth vote.

..& from what I can tell, it seems Clinton is just a tad to the left of Obama on the health care and foreclosure issues.


Some excellent points made within this discussion, particularly with Josh. But my favorite is David’s “I don’t tell people to vote for me- I tell them to examine the candidates.”

Here David “walks the walk,” and is one of the reasons I respect him.

When I was in grad school a few years back, the liberal elitists professors (and once again they weren’t ALL like that – just those who had tenure, many of whom were outspoken feminists), just loved to go on and on about listening and being open to diverse points of view, acceptance of all, tolerance, peace, love and happiness. But as soon as that white male with a military background walks into their classroom, BAM ! The passive-aggressive innuendo would spew forth like the “vile venom” that can only arise from someone with disturbing personal issues somewhere in their background. And I admit, I have a few too, but I still try to live the golden rule and set a good example for my own children.

That’s just one example supporting my previous statement of what I’ve personally observed and experienced amongst (most, but not all) members of the baby boomer generation.

The Clinton machine just reminds so much of this “do as I say but not as I do” mentality, and I honestly feel that members of the following generations – throughout the entire political spectrum – are so sick and tired of.

Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

I recently saw where David sent out an email to the Dems in the 3rd. I recommend that David sends out a targeted email out to all the Republicans and the Independents challenging them to make their vote count be declaring as a Democrat in the Primary. From my recollection you can change your affiliation every two years without incurring an issue. So if the Republicans want to make a difference they can declare as a Dem in the Primary, vote for David and Obama and then in the General vote for any Rhino they want. Go David Go!

Maybe Jim and Gene will pull your lever in March!


At least Jeff gets it right. I should also point out that I am an Obama supporter, but felt compelled to correct your errors. On policy, the two are about the same, if anything Hillary is more progressive than Obama on health care. The difference is in style and message.
David would be wise to simply point out that difference, rather than hurl inaccuracies with venom. This tendency to angrily denounce anyone who disagrees with you and label anyone who disagrees with you a sellout is unbecoming.
That’s the kind of thing that alienates people who might otherwise support David on substance. It compelled this Obama supporter to defend Hillary. That’s probably why David keeps losing elections. He can’t get people on his side even when they might support him on issues and substance.

David Esrati
David Esrati

Lynn- it doesn’t matter if Hillary is more progressive on health care if:
1) she can’t get elected
2) she can’t get congress to work with her
3) she can’t bring us as Americans, together.
It’s actually more important that we get rid of Mike Turner and George Voinovich to give whoever the next Democratic president- someone to work with.
What’s important is that we elect a Statesman who can repair the damage of the last 7 years of GWB.
The reason I keep losing elections is I refuse to sell out to the people in the locked room and dance like their puppet- and, that until last time, I didn’t even take contributions.
My time will come. I’m getting better at this each go round.


Jim – Just wanted to say thanks for the “props” as it were.

“Become the change you wish to see in the world.” – Gandhi



Russ Joseph
Russ Joseph

David- if you can do one thing well it’s beating dead horses. MCDP operates behind closed doors huh? Here are some facts instead of whatever crap you’ve managed to make yourself believe. The Screening Committee consists of people who represent every part of the Democratic party, including: Ward Leaders, representatives from the various Dem clubs throughout the county, a few elected officials, attorneys and business folks, labor folks, other community leaders from various non-profit organizations, and grassroots folks. I’m probably forgetting others, but I think that’s a fairly good representation of our community.

But that’s only half the story. The Screening Committee, as you know, but fail to talk about, only recommends a candidate be endorsed to the Central Committee of the Party. The Central Committee is made up of the hundreds of precinct captains throughout the County. Precinct Captains are elected by all the Democrats in their precinct to represent their interests in the Democratic Party. The Central Committee is the body that chooses whether or not to endorse a candidate. So please put the “behind closed doors” rant to rest. If you don’t believe in Representative Democracy, then I’m not sure what else to tell you.

And David, what facts are you pointing to say that Hillary can’t get elected, and can’t get congress to work with her? I know facts never get in your way, but those are COMPLETELY untrue. Hillary has reached across the Isle many times to get things done. Again, more rantings from someone lost in his own universe.

Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

Russ excellent recitation of the definition behind the process, but in fact it does not work that way. More than half the precinct captains do not understand their role and then ask the people that “vote” for a precinct captain what they are voting for, they do not know.

The rants on these blogs represent the lost balance of power in Representative Democracy, when Corporations took over the newspapers. Just like Phil Parker defending the process of marketing Dayton, Russ doth protest too much.!

Russ Joseph
Russ Joseph

Wow, talk about two ends of a spectrum, first I’m compared to Gorbachev, and now Phil Parker.

Just thought I’d try to clear up the process after David spreads his seeds of misinformation. But again, I understand you guys aren’t really interested in the facts.

David Esrati
David Esrati

Not only do most “Democrats” not know who their precinct captains are, almost half the seats are vacant. I will be posting the list of who’s on the screening committee- since the Dems refuse.
Needless to say- if your process is so infallible- explain Mike Turner getting elected Mayor of Dayton? And, why not just try to do a presidential endorsement by the party in the same manner that you do all the other seats- and see how much of a party you have left.
Real Democrats encourage people to run- and support who the people decide.
Country club dems like you, like to have your meetings in private locked rooms and tell the rest of the “elite” who to endorse.
You need to wake up, there is a movement going on, online- and at the polls.