Here is a what an ad campaign is supposed to do

We all agree that “Get midwest” is lame- so when I heard the :20 second bumper for CSX rail on NPR this morning- I immediately knew I’d heard the kind of game changing connection phrase the Dayton Development Coalition was looking for:

Welcome to Customers – Carbon Calculator
Every day that a CSX locomotive hauls freight is a day that CSX helps keep our air cleaner. Trains can move a ton of freight up to 423 miles on a single gallon of fuel. Efficient use of fuel means less greenhouse gases or carbon emissions for our nation.

Now, granted- it’s for the entire rail industry, not just for CSX- but since I heard it from CSX- I felt better about CSX. Time for the DDC and the Turner Effect to go back to the drawing board. There has to be more to Dayton than “Get Midwest”- and “We think of everything”- let’s get down to the real benefits of Dayton:

Water, Power, Education opportunities, Low cost of living, Parks, Culture, friendly people (except for those country club Dems) and a real progressive candidate for Congress in OH-3, your’s truly :-)

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