Here is a what an ad campaign is supposed to do

We all agree that “Get midwest” is lame- so when I heard the :20 second bumper for CSX rail on NPR this morning- I immediately knew I’d heard the kind of game changing connection phrase the Dayton Development Coalition was looking for:

Welcome to Customers – Carbon Calculator
Every day that a CSX locomotive hauls freight is a day that CSX helps keep our air cleaner. Trains can move a ton of freight up to 423 miles on a single gallon of fuel. Efficient use of fuel means less greenhouse gases or carbon emissions for our nation.

Now, granted- it’s for the entire rail industry, not just for CSX- but since I heard it from CSX- I felt better about CSX. Time for the DDC and the Turner Effect to go back to the drawing board. There has to be more to Dayton than “Get Midwest”- and “We think of everything”- let’s get down to the real benefits of Dayton:

Water, Power, Education opportunities, Low cost of living, Parks, Culture, friendly people (except for those country club Dems) and a real progressive candidate for Congress in OH-3, your’s truly :-)

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When I was a reporter on The Daily Standard in Celina, membership in country clubs was taboo. The publisher, a doughty blueblood by the name of Parker Riley Snyder, did not want his reporters mixing it up with the elites, even though he was one of them. (He claimed descent from Capt. Riley, the man for whom the Marine Corps went “to the shores of Tripoli” for.)

Drexel Dave

Parker Riley Snyder offered me a job to work at The Daily Standard.

In hindsight, I wish I would have taken it, just for the chance to work with that legendary man.


Same with the old Louisville Courier-Journal & Louisville Times.

Barry Bingham, who owned the papers, and his wife, were big supporters of uban revitaliztion.

Yet they prohibited their reporters from being members of the resotration and neighborhood preservation organizations that they covered (and were sympathetc to), in the interests of maintaining objectivity.

Cost of living is an excuse. Businesses (large and small) will tend to pay their employees based (somewhat) on their perception of the “cost of living” in the area in which they are. Salary average from for a fast food cook in Ohio (the whole state) – $7.15 Salary average from for a fast food cook in Colorado (the whole state) – $7.87 The highest paying job I ever had in Dayton was $12.90 an hour (after 5 years with the same company, a Bachelor’s degree, and 10 years of work experience altogether – I was a loan officer at the time) – as of 2007. The highest paying job I ever had in Denver was $10 an hour (starting out, no degree – fresh out of high school, and was my second job – ever – as a temporary file clerk) – as of 1998. Price of gas in Dayton – @ $2.97 (lowest gas price in Dayton-Central according to Price of gas in Denver – @ $2.73 (again Average price of electricity cents per kw hr in Ohio according to the EIA: 9.34 Average price of electricity cents per kw hr in Georgia: 8.91 Price of my 1 bedroom apartment in Fairborn (that I used to have before I could no longer afford to live there) – $350 a month Price of my 2 – I think that deserves repeating – 2 bedroom apartment in Savannah Georgia – $425 a month Further, living/surviving is easy – I’m living proof – I’m more concerned with advancing. The price of a computer in Dayton Ohio is going to be the same as the price anywhere else – otherwise everyone would buy their computer gear here. Fee estimate for Wright State University (Dayton) for 12 to 18 hours – $5401 Fee estimate for Colorado University (Boulder) for 12 credit hours – $3885 Before the technological revolution it was easy to keep people in an area by saying, “But the cost of living there is so expensive” – to which they would respond – “I guess you’re right.”… Read more »