“Grindhouse” – movie from hell

Three hours and 15 minutes were stolen from me tonight. Thankfully, I had a free pass for 2 to the sneak peak of the new Robert Rodriguez andQuentin Tarantino movie, “Grindhouse”.

I am a huge Trantino fan. Loved Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill (1&2)- these are movies I actually own (which is saying something- because there are few movies I believe are really worth watching once- never mind more).

Grindhouse may have ended my love for Quentin. I get the parody, but, I expect more from someone this talented- like a story line?

I also hated “Borat”- which did well. While this movie started to a packed house- half the people left before it was over. In fact, many started leaving quite early.

I’ve already given this more time than it’s worth- my advice is to stay away- or at least, wait for the $2 theater.

Of course- if you like NASCAR, WWF, and blood and guts fests- Grindhouse will be your dream come true.

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