“Grindhouse” – movie from hell

Three hours and 15 minutes were stolen from me tonight. Thankfully, I had a free pass for 2 to the sneak peak of the new Robert Rodriguez andQuentin Tarantino movie, “Grindhouse”.

I am a huge Trantino fan. Loved Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill (1&2)- these are movies I actually own (which is saying something- because there are few movies I believe are really worth watching once- never mind more).

Grindhouse may have ended my love for Quentin. I get the parody, but, I expect more from someone this talented- like a story line?

I also hated “Borat”- which did well. While this movie started to a packed house- half the people left before it was over. In fact, many started leaving quite early.

I’ve already given this more time than it’s worth- my advice is to stay away- or at least, wait for the $2 theater.

Of course- if you like NASCAR, WWF, and blood and guts fests- Grindhouse will be your dream come true.

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Nope. This is Mom.
I guess “Pulp Fiction” remains his unique gem.

The Dame
The Dame

Borat?! Why, David, WHY? Seriously, I don’t understand the whole Sascha Baron Cohen “phenomenon.” He’s a serious moron.

Drexel Dave

Sascha Baron Cohen is a serious comedic genius.

Ali G was a brilliant character as well.

BORAT was probably just a tad over your heads.

David Esrati
David Esrati

note to self: don’t write anything remotely like a movie review.

Bruce Kettelle



Whoa!! Are you just gonna take that?? ;-)

The Dame
The Dame

Sparks, gimme a break. Being an ass by making asses outta noncelebrity folks ain’t funny to me. Doesn’t mean it’s “a tad over my head.”

Drexel Dave

Sorry, but swallowing a bunch of press reports about something and making a judgement about it before you’ve even seen it, probably does mean it’s over your head, as well as a lot of other issues as well.

Sascha Baron Cohen is a modern day Andy Kaufman.

He acts like an ass, and gets people to reveal their darkest predjudices and bigoted views of life. That’s just brilliant.

Looks like a genius. Sounds like a genius. Makes the comedy of a genius.

Probably a genius.


David Esrati
David Esrati

Drexel- I don’t know how this slid off topic. I sat through Grindhouse last night. I wouldn’t recommend it.
However, it’s probably right up your alley.

Drexel Dave

Doubt it. Your knowledge of my cinematic likes and dislikes is magnanimous, yet not surprising seeing that the full range of my tastes have never been revealed to you in any kind of significant fashion.


Hey, Drexel Dave…No offense, but, I bet anyone who’s seen one of your cinematic masterpieces can safely judge what the “full range” of your tastes might be.

Perhaps the rest of us should all go buy some magic markers and scribble on some bedpans so that we might become as enlightened as you on matters of culture and current events.


Borat? Grindhouse? Drexel Dave? Rodriguez?

Well. after hearing Drexel the other night at CST, I have to say Double D is the Laura Nyro of Dayton.

…and I do get a kick out of Robert Rodriquez’ rasquache style…esp. Dusk to Dawn, with that chicano vampires from hell (or was it Atzlan?)thing.

Drexel Dave


Can you please enlighten me to what one of my “cinematic masterpieces” are for which you to judge what I like, and dislike?

For all I know, the closest I come to anything like that are goofy home made concert videos for youtube shot on a digital camera.

As for bedpans, if you too, can develop a line of bedpan art wherein’ the public purchases and purchases, and orders and orders over and over and invites you to far-away places to display them, I certainly encourage you to. You can do it too!

But until then, the barely disguised sarcasm will be duly noted for what it is: old-fashioned hatin’.

Love and gravey,


Drexel Dave

Thanks Jeff! Did you introduce yourself to me? We had a fun show and I cut a vein and opened it up that night. Certainly hope you enjoyed yourself.

That’s the second time in a month I’ve heard the Laura Nyro comparison. I’ve been Laura Nyro ignorant up until this time, but went searching. Thank you EVEN MORE for the kudos. Laura Nyro was the shit. I’m buying her greatest hits.

My favorite other comparison has to be Chuck Cleaver meets Fozzie Bear. Me and Chuck are buddies, and I wish desperately to meet Fozzie Bear in person some day.

As for anyone being offended by the notion that something is “over someone’s head”, well, we ALL have stuff that is over our head. That’s just a matter of life experience – not intelligence. Lots of stuff over my head too.

The smartest people I know are those who realize how little they actually know.

David Esrati
David Esrati

note to self: it’s becoming even more clear- don’t ever write anything remotely like a movie review.

Drexel Dave

Ahh, this is fun. And I hope you know that Mel and I argue like this when we’re together! Still, she’s one of my favorite humans.

This is what blogs are for. You are doing a great job.

D. Greene

Esrati, you would probably find this review agreeable.

Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

Boraat!! It was one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. I do not know if it will stand the test of time, but its take down of every American prejudice was perfect. IMHO he nailed America and just like Airplane, the stuff going on in the background is priceless. Verrry Nice!