7 column headlines

When I was growing up, my Dad would cut the top of the NY Times out and put it in a scrapbook every time they had a full-width headline. This meant something really important had happened.

Examples: JFK is killed, Neil Armstrong walks on the moon, Nixon resigns, etc.

Today’s Dayton Daily News: “Dragon’s win 3-2 despite cold.” Not only is that total trivia- it won’t sell very many papers either.

I was at a meeting yesterday of the Dayton Chambers Defense Contractors Committee, and they were discussing having a talk with the paper about the image they give potential new residents about our area. I warned them that they were talking to a bunch of people in an industry that is terrified that they are becoming the buggy whips of the 21st century- and that they would be better putting their own news online using the right technology (like this site).

It’s hard to take the editors seriously when they are publishing a focus group tested, low-brow, ez-reader for an audience that can get the same tripe from TV news. Today they had a picture of a local firefighter who got arrested drunk in a bikini with a wig (wouldn’t have been so bad had he not been male and unattractive).

While encouraging the community to read in the big read- the Dayton Daily News seems to be encouraging those of us who want to know whats going on in the world not to read their paper.

8 US soldiers killed in Iraq may not be good news, but it is real news.  Those 8 deserve the front page more than the 18 men in tights playing a game in the cold.

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