When I got out of the Army, and came to Dayton back in 1983, I had to work with Congressman Tony Hall’s office on some things. It was there that I met Dan Foley. He was a young aide, handling military affairs.
Fast forward: 23 years later, he’s being sworn in as County Commissioner.

In his acceptance speech, in front of the power brokers, politicos, movers and shakers, he said he wanted to focus on our area’s strengths- and that he got this list- and kept it as a reminder, from this site- and pointed me out by name. It came totally as a surprise. I think he was speaking about this post.
Dan didn’t have to do that, but, it was a nice gesture, and reminded me of why I take the time to post my thoughts to start these discussions.

While some of you comment, and sign your name, and some read and never leave any indication that they were here- there are a lot of people reading this site, passing some of the ideas around- and that’s a good thing.

I’m optimistic about our future- with fresh new leadership- I think we can see big changes. The thing to remember is it doesn’t have to be a whole bunch of home runs- singles can win the game. We just have to become consistent at the plate.

It’s up to our leaders to start focusing on the positive and build on our strengths. I’m looking forward to watching Dan lead the way.


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  1. Delsy January 8, 2013 / 11:03 am
    Iceman you didn’t leave much room there for interpretation you naelid it pretty much right on the head. Most of them that voted for CHANGE lacked the mental aptitude to have even a fleeting moment of realization of what all of it would, could, and now WILL MEAN! The colleges and high schools of today are nothing more than perfect examples of how people like Ayers have been offering their spin of CHANGE onto and into the education system. In short they have become paper mills producing a world class level of dummies with no concept of reality and darned sure aren’t furthering the education or improvement of their common senses. None of them are taught to think, reason, or use their imagination just push the right computer button and it is done for you. They blindly follow without one thought towards where they are going. Brobama was smart in his speeches. He never defined any of his goals. He quite simply let them all think they knew what he meant by CHANGE , he let them define it for themselves in that way he was exactly what they wanted. To have put out one definitive response as to his actual goals would have meant disaster for his campaign. That is what almost happened with Joe The Plumber. Brobama was asked a simply question, he opened his mouth to answer, didn’t have a teleprompter to read from so sombody could tell him what to say, and stuck both feet in as he spoke they blamed Joe for asking not Brobama for being the idiot he is. For about 80% of them when handed the diploma I wouldn’t be surprised to see them turn around look at the crowd with that blind deer in the headlights look and them simply say, DUH do I breathe in or out now? Never in my life have I seen the old saying, The blind leading the blind been more apparent, and or, truthful than it is today in our political system and leaders in Washington. One of your most important statements in your article above was this: Well I guess that America as we knew it is now gone. Saddly most out there still don’t see that and/or don’t understand the meaning of it. Truer words have never been spoken. People had better wake up. To late is rapidly approaching at warp speed. The Bible teaches us that Satan comes to lie, steal, and destroy. We all followed the lies for at least a year now, they’ve stolen every bit of money from the taxpayer that they possibly can and looking for more, and American is just about 100% destroyed. DUH!! WHO DO YOU THINK IS RUNNING THIS COUNTRY? AND WHY DO YOU THINK IT IS SO OBJECTIONABLE THAT IN GOD WE TRUST USED TO BE A MAIN POINT OF OUR GOVERNMENT? Hello Socialism, Communism, Islamization, Obamanationism, and Satanism the new leaders in Washington. Any bets yet on which one is the Antichrist? I’ve got my pick.

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