Go to jail, win the lottery.

If I was a criminal wanting to get rich, I wouldn’t buy a lottery ticket, I’d just get picked up for almost anything, and spend a dozen days in the Montgomery County Jail.

That’s how long a young man was in jail before he was sexually assaulted last week by another inmate. One who he knew wasn’t going to be a good roommate from the moment he got his bunk assignment.

Hitting the call button didn’t stop the attack.

But, it was a good way to get a free “get out of jail card.” The inmate was sent on his way after the assault. No charges, just a hope that the jail and the county wouldn’t get sued, again.

His crime by the way? His girlfriend was pulled over for speeding. The cop ran both ID’s of the occupants of the car, and it came back that she had a Temporary Restraining Order against him. She got a ticket, he got sent to jail. She had begged the cop not to take him in- this, from the woman who had the TRO in place. This was the 2nd time they’d been caught together- so, why was the TRO still in force, and since it was her car, why wasn’t she in trouble?

The inmate who did the assaulting- he’s no longer in the Montgomery County Jail either. Maybe they transferred him to another jail, or Summit Behavioral, or maybe they released him too- anything but keep the evidence of incompetent leadership around.

At some point, you’d think that someone would hold the sheriff liable and/or realize that his office is either incompetent or dangerous to the public welfare and shut the place down.

One of the first things I plan on doing once elected to the Dayton City Commission is finding a safe place to send our citizens when they need to go to jail. The Montgomery County Jail isn’t fit for human habitation.

And as the crisis continues  at the jail- the one building we could have easily adapted to use for mental health care and drug rehab, Good Sam Hospital, started it’s path to oblivion. A building largely funded with our tax dollars either through medicaid/medicare dollars, or via the property tax exemption taken by a private corporation pretending to be a non-profit, Premier Health Partners.

We have a serious shortage of both mental health and drug addiction beds, so the jail becomes the de facto public hospital for rapists… which is where this story started…

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