From Vacant to Vibrant- only if you squint real hard.

I spent the morning at another community group-think fest. 200 people there- including a boat load of city staff.

I tweeted the whole she-bang to keep others informed (reverse chronological order- read from bottom up):

  1. Closing with mayor McLin brief speech. Future events thru September. They want to use electronic comms.(bout time)

  2. Yes we have land to build housing, yes we have vacant homes. What we need is reasons for people to invest and return 2 city

  3. RT @SlideMagnet: “Public speaking is the art of diluting a two-minute idea with a two-hour vocabulary.” – Evan Esar

  4. Just told 2 shutup for suggesting that we stop vacant homes frm becoming vacant lots. Seems like we want to b a hospice instead of hospital

  5. Now in “current neighborhood opportunities” again, are we focusing on wrong issue? Mowing lots or fixing neighborhoods?

  6. Why does the REAP progam take 12-18 months? It shouldn’t take that long anymore.

  7. Focusing on empty lots is like a dentist trying to practice on where the tooth was, instead of taking care of the teeth that are left.

  8. Now starting session on “current neighborhood opportunities” hopefully not just an adopt a lot session

  9. Can we simplify the process of splitting lots and guarantee no increase in taxes if space is maintained green?

  10. In session on transformed landscape, continuum of opportunities for vacant lots

  11. “Dayton beautiful” regional or core? Is there a litmus test of what is good, right & just? Vision requires focus.

  12. Shouldn’t be doing speculative urban renewal, only targeted. Wants to fuse old school linear organizing conversation to social media chaos

  13. Getting history of dayton’s rise and fall from head city planner, john Gower. Now using jetsons to look at vision of future

  14. At Dayton convention center for “vacant to vibrant” good turnout-about 200 people. How do we refill the urban city?

Real creativity, comes from thinking big

Then give me some big ideas. What to do with vacant lots? The best thing- don’t let them happen.

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