Flintstone living- week 2

My office has power. My house does not, one week after the storm. I’ve had an extension cord running across the street to power the fridge and the high efficiency hot water heater, but nothing else. I’m also keeping a neighbors fridge working. DP&L called 2x today with an automated survey to find out if we have power. Considering a lot of people don’t have phones that work without batteries or juice, I’m not sure they know that there are at least 250+ homes in 8 blocks without power. I’ve only seen one place where it looks like trees are on a line. Everything else looks ok.

Now, the bigger question: what is their incentive to make sure this doesn’t happen again? Not a damn thing. The CEO can be paid millions, instead of funding extra line crews, or invest in burying or hardening the distribution grid, while we go without power and basic necessities. Think about it? How hard is running a utility with no competition? A fixed customer base that has no option? A grid that’s been in place for years? And this is a risky, difficult job requiring a CEO worth millions a year? Not just NO, HELL NO.

It’s time the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio start a lawsuit against DP&L for failure to deliver power, and for overcharging the public for this inflated compensation schedule. If the Governor of the State of Ohio is only worth $150K or so a year, explain to me how a “public utility” chief deserves more?

What is the incentive to bring down the cost of power to the people of Ohio? What is the incentive to improve our electrical grid? What’s the incentive to turn my lights back on? Not a damn thing- he’ll get paid no matter how bad he screws up.

If you want to read a great rant on CEO pay, by someone who has been paid in spades, I highly recommend this post by Mark Cuban (thanks for the tip JR)


I put my 2 cents in a long comment around number 52 or so.

More posts when my lights come back on.

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