Find lost dog- win fabulous prizes: Dog is found.

Macy, lost American FoxhoundLarkin has lost found Macy.

She needs your help.

Macy is an American Foxhound, she is very friendly, but a bit timid and will probably be pretty frightened. She was last spotted this morning about 12:20 a.m. in the area of Broadway and Superior, but she could be anywhere.

There is $100 for her return.

The local number is 937-555-5555, but I’ll have the cell when I’m away from home, searching: 937 555-5555 (numbers have been changed after dog was found Tuesday Dec 2.)

Update from Larkin:

Sometimes dreams do come true.

Macy- home after an 8 day walkaboutMacy was found this afternoon about 2:30 EST. I camped outside the Hospice of Dayton (what nice people!) from about 8 a.m. I took a couple of breaks and on one of them she was sighted at the hospice again. (And it was great to know she was still in the area.) Ransom and I took a walk in the woods behind the hospice looking for her. Here’s an aerial photograph: [www_mapquest_com]  –it’s that long stretch of woods in the middle, most of which is enclosed with an 8 foot chain link fence. We did find the place where she was going under the fence into the enclosed area. Back to the car, more waiting and watching. About 2:10, I decided to drive around the area on the other sides of the woods. At 2:15 my cell phone rang: it was the hospice, Macy was back. I rushed back there only to be told that she had bolted back into the woods. A man from maintenance was still calling for her, and I went back to the truck for Ransom, our Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Ransom was particularly pleased to meet the maintenance man, and began a conversation with him of loud conversational barks and roo-ing. That was when I saw Macy in the woods, peering out. I called her softly and she came towards me, but she was still leery of the other person. He graciously stepped back, I sat down on the ground, and she flew to me.

She seems to be in pretty good shape, other than the fact that she is emaciated. I don’t think she ate much while she was gone…. and while the psychic was correct that she was in an enclosed area– and Monday was the day this all started to come together– no one was looking after her. The cold, anxiety, exercise and lack of food really made her very thin. She was very eager and happy to greet the rest of her pack, and the general feeling in our household is one of great relief, well-being and contentedness.

The people of Dayton were simply marvelous during all this. They took a great interest in Macy and her well-being. Without exception, all were extraordinarily kind– and I saw parts of this city that I didn’t even know existed! Your prayers and kind thoughts really helped to sustain us during this very difficult last week and we are so grateful to you. My Christmas came extra early this year.

Again, many thanks.


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