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No News for you - Dayton Daily News iPad edition fail

Blank pages for the DDN on Jan 5 2011

Yesterday, the crew at the Dayton Daily News weren’t able to get the iPad edition of the News or Local sections up in the dumb reader.

Today, they apparently didn’t print the Wall Street Journal edition. The WSJ is issuing a one day credit to all subscribers. Apparently staff cutbacks are having an effect.

What’s more bewildering is that despite having seemed to have learned that local people and ideas are important, with their very nice interview with my brilliant neighbor, Carli Dixon, on what she and her husband, the talented metal sculptor Hamilton Dixon, have been up to on E. Third Street– they haven’t made it available online for all to share.

If the Dayton Daily is trying to be a “community oriented” local paper- local content about people like Carli is more important than all their robbery, rape and Craig’s list-is-the-devil stories. Wake up Dayton Daily News, a few investigations won’t make up for getting the basics right.

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In today’s Dayton Daily News, on what used to be called the opinion pages: “Let’s talk Tebow”.

I never never ever thought I would admit that I miss Ellen Belcher and Martin Gottlieb. At least they had something to say about things that mattered.


I find it interesting that the DDN did a story on Jimmy DiMora, Cleveland’s Dem Chairman and  nothing about corruption at the Mont. Co, Board Of sElections. Current and former employees have reported the criminial activity of Stealing Harsman. Its reported Dimora received a free $1000 massage as one of his crimes. Harsman has eclipsed Jimmy with his free limo rides and kick backs from vendors for his decision about what electronic voting machines the county purchased. Pictures of him taking his girlfriend/secretary to Florida on the county’s money have been posted on the internet. Its reported by BOE employees Harsman stole $1oo,ooo worth of voting machines. Received $70,000 for OT from the county, while other county offices are laying off employees, stating they don’t have the funds and more cuts are needed. Sounds like the corruption runs deep and someone is ignoring the story, Thank God for Esrati who exposes the crimes in our county, seems that the DDN dosen’t have the ability to do the same.