FBI fails in public corruption case

I’m sure that the FBI and the Department of Justice think they just proved their case. Guilty as charged (albeit to grossly reduced charges):

Companies owned by Steve Rauch and Joyce Sutton Cameron pleaded guilty Friday to conspiracy to engage in mail fraud. In exchange prosecutors agreed to dismiss all charges filed last year against Rauch, 65, of Germantown; former Trotwood Mayor Sutton Cameron, 72; and her husband James Cameron, 81.

The conspiracy charge was filed Thursday against Steve Rauch Inc. and Sutton Cameron’s company Green Star Trucking Inc. as both Rauch and Sutton Cameron were set for pre-trial hearings Friday on their 2019 charges.

Rauch and Sutton Cameron waived personal appearances before U.S. District Judge Thomas M. Rose and their representatives pleaded guilty to the conspiracy charge for their respective companies.

Jennifer Copeland, operating manager for Steve Rauch Inc., and Lawrence Greger, attorney for Sutton Cameron, entered the guilty pleas during remote hearings. Rose found both companies guilty and set sentencing for March 12.

The companies face a maximum penalty of one to five years of probation, a fine of not more than $500,000, and a $400 special assessment.

Rauch, Sutton Cameron and James Cameron, a Green Star employee, all faced prison sentences if they had been convicted of the original charges of one of count of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and six counts of mail fraud filed by the federal government last year. Each charge carried a possible prison sentence of up to 20 years.

Source: Two local companies plead guilty in federal corruption investigation

What is still missing is how Rauch continued to get contract after contract from the city, including the insane deal to tear down parts of the Dayton Daily news building, leave the job unfinished, and end up with the best part of it, the original building which is currently on the market for around twice what the “fine” amount could be.

He was paid over a million dollars to demolish it- and the city had to pay another firm the same amount to finish the job.

Does this sound like justice to you?

Reality is, he’s owned most of the Democratic Party Monarchy of Montgomery County for years. He’s funneled millions back over the years in the pay-to-play environment that gives politicians like Nan Whaley $440K to run for Mayor. And yet, she’s still running around and collecting signatures for her next run for Mayor next year.

If the “Culture of Corruption” is going to go away, the FBI is going to have to send some people away for more than 3 months to the federal prison. But, that would require actual work.

There are two sides to every contract. So far, we’ve only seen vendors charged, and a few self-dealing side deals by people in power. The real question is how do these contracts keep getting awarded to the same people? And, if someone is ever going to be held accountable for the demise of our neighborhoods- making the bulldozer more valuable than a builders work truck in the city of Dayton.

Just remember, this isn’t limited to the City of Dayton, your recently re-elected County Commissioner, Debbie Lieberman and her assistant are just as guilty of steering contracts for love and money.

If you are looking for an election re-cap, one is coming here, but the brief review is on Reconstructing Dayton here: Local Election Outcomes Highlight an Inefficient and Broken System


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