Face the problem- don’t regulate it.

The Dayton City Commission doesn’t have the foresight to see that the Oregon District’s only chance of booming is allowing more entertainment type businesses serving and selling liquor- since the historic ordinances limit what you can do to a building and zoning requirements that make it impossible to occupy currently vacant buildings.

Last night- they voted no to the 5th Street Deli’s application for a carryout license- because a small loud group of Daytonians whined really loud.

The problem has been discussed in other entries on this site- enforce other laws against bad behavior- not stop people from making a living in the City.

The Commission also voted against a bunch of other licenses- for various reasons- here’s the list:

The City Commission is objecting to these 18 liquor permit renewals:

•Webster Station, 300 E. Third St. Reason: 72 calls for police service from 1-1-05 to 2-27-06 for thefts, disorderly persons, drugs, shootings, stabbing.

•Abada, Inc. doing business as Fairground Shell, 1224 S. Main St. Reason: several violations for sale and furnishing liquor to a person under 21.

•Sereen Corp. doing business as Dana’s Market, 1034 W. Stewart St. Reason: 59 calls for police between 1-21-05 and 2-27-06. The Drug Hotline receives numerous calls of drug activity monthly in and around this store at all hours.

•Maple Grove Restaurant & Lounge, 3401 E. Third St. Reason: In 1997 this permit was transferred to Ronald Antrican Jr. The real owner is Ronald Antrican Sr., a convicted felon who is not allowed to possess a liquor permit.

•Asylum Inc., 605 S. Patterson Blvd. Bar 3 Basement. Reason: Business closed. Liquor permit must be surrendered to the state division of liquor control.

The following locations were investigated by the Ohio Organized Crime Investigative Commission in 2004 as part of a conspiracy to obtain stolen merchandise:

• Dearborn Market, 601 Dearborn ave.

• Nora Foods Inc., doing business as Jackie’s Market, 375 S. Broadway St.:

•GNS Enterprise of Dayton, Inc., doing business as KJ’s Carryout, 2117-19 Germantown St.

• Cornell Meat King Supermarket, 3509 Cornell Ave.

• G & G Carryout, 3620 Germantown St.

• Gilsey Investments, Inc., doing business as Gebhardt’s Superette, 1609 Gilsey Ave.

• Linden One Stop, Inc., 1330 Linden Ave.

• Superette Enterprise, Inc., 200 Burkhardt Ave.

• Jabar & Shalash Enterprises, Inc. doing business as Shop N Save Food Mart, 1413 N. Main St.

• Superior Trade, Inc., doing business as Rollins Mini Market, 2045 Salem Ave.

• Amier Inc., doing business as Rick’s Grocery, 911 Huffman Ave.

• Abdel Latif, Inc., doing business as E.B. Drive Thru, 3830 Germantown Pike

• Greenland Food, Inc., doing business as AM PM Market, 3700 W. Third St.

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