Esrati enters Dayton City Commission race

I can walk out my door and see leaves in the gutters, catching yesterdays rains, and freezing today. This is how you end up with streets that are falling apart.

Last week, I had to tip the block of ice out of my trash can. It was there because our waste collectors don’t think it’s important to close the cans, or put them back where they belong.

Houses are selling in my neighborhood for really good prices, but, other parts of the city, you can’t give a house away.

When we send our citizens to jail, we’re not sure if they will get a death sentence, even for a minor misdemeanor.

The Fairgrounds had a buyer willing to pay a lot more than they sold it to UD and Premier for, but, apparently, having a quarter billion to invest right now isn’t OK if you haven’t kissed the Mayor’s ring.

From small things to the big things, we’ve suffered under the picks of the people in the Monarchy of Montgomery County long enough.

It’s time to start talking to the people in Columbus that putting distribution warehouses in Monroe is a bad idea, when we have great locations in West Dayton where people could walk to work.

It’s time to stop wasting money on a Dayton Clerk of Courts when we have a County Clerk of Courts.

And for the last blessed time- it’s time to stop having a second, illegal meeting on Mondays of the Dayton City Commission, when the charter only calls for one legal meeting on Wednesdays.

I’m David Esrati, and, I’m running for Dayton City Commission. I’m going to be the new voice of collaboration and regionalism. It’s time to stop having school districts of 450 students, or cities of 6000. We need smarter government with less overhead. That’s totally open and honest. That respects our citizens and makes sure that the door to opportunity is still open in Dayton Ohio.

And, most importantly- I want to make sure that our kids will inherit a Dayton better than the one we have now- with clean safe parks, good schools, and real jobs waiting for them when they graduate. If you thought me hanging over 500 free green basketball nets was cool over the last 5 years- join me to make sure that we not only have good safe places to play- but coaches and mentors there to lead our kids.

I believe that creativity is the key to making the most of what we have, and when elected you’ll hear ideas that will make others wonder why they aren’t investing and living in Dayton, instead of in places like NYC where $2000 a month barely gets you a studio apartment.

If you’d like to help out- please see the page: City Commission 2019 and consider volunteering or donating.

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